The Revelations & Tré Williams Keep Hustlin’

We just put you up on The Revelations feat. Tré Williams as our latest Bounce-Worthy artists last week. And with good reason. Did you hear that Tré Williams, I mean, saaaang? Boyfriend is a beast on the microphone. Williams possesses the kind of voice that will take you from sinning on Saturday night to salvation come Sunday morning. He does the soul men of yesterday proud but still keeps it contemporary on the group's debut, Deep Soul, which is being digitally released today and includes seven originals and their accompanying instrumentals (tracklist after the bounce). If you aren't already convinced that Deep Soul belongs on your weekly copping list, then listen to another track from the EP, "He's A Hustler," and prepare to get funked up by this expertly crafted gumbo of grit and groove. The song's bassline and horn section are straight outta the '70s when we would have all been wearing afros and dashikis and pop locking down the Soul Train line. Although I wouldn't recommend it as a career move, Williams makes hustling sound damn good here.

The Revelations feat. Tré Williams: "He's A Hustler"

Deep Soul tracklist:

1. Stay Free

2. Sorry's Not Enough

3. Everybody Knows

4. I Don't Want To Know

5. Because of You

6. Heavy Metal Blues

7. He's a Hustler
8. Stay Free
9. Sorry's Not Enough
10. Everybody Knows
11. I Don't Want To Know
12. Because of You
13. Heavy Metal Blues
14. He's a Hustler (Instrumental)

The Revelations feat. Tré Williams Deep Soul [Amazon]

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you! Waiting for an LA concert...

  2. Butta girl, I'm busy catching up on two week's worth of Bounce, and this joint here is HOT! Is the CD out yet? If not, can u hook a sista up with the single? Whoohooo, I like it! 🙂