Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III Are Not Feeling This ‘Cold Pillow’

theophilus-jesse_boykins.jpgBut we are. Theophilus London has been steadily gaining a following as he churns out tunes like Lupe Fiasco's more nerdily dressed doppleganger. You know how there are just way too many rappers claiming that Coldplay and Radiohead are their influences when you know they're simply jumping on a bandwagon just to fit in with the next craze after bright colors and skinny jeans fade into the abyss? And you know how some people claim to know that they know who the future of Hip Hop is? We do, too. Most times, when you don't have to claim what camp you're from and let your music speak for itself, the listeners can instantly determine who your influences are and in what camp you place your tent. Sinewy and stealthy, futuristic without the use of any voice-editing software, what Theophilus doesn't say explicitly in rhyme in this song, Bounce-Worthy artist Jesse Boykins III says in production. It's simply steamy and perfect for clandestine company. Or when you want to let someone know how mad they've made you.

Theophilus London feat. Jesse Boykins III: "Cold Pillow" 

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9 Responses

  1. Once again Mami, you on point like CP3, this joint is black ops, tinted window driving too music:) I'm a bout to get familar with these cats.

  2. Jesse's album, The Beauty Created, dropped today. Gotta cop it!

  3. Love these two as a duo. They compliment one another well.

  4. The need to put an EP together and edify their realms of music_______They dont even have realms of music, these are coincidental expressions through music

  5. This joint is dripping with 80's synth sexiness. I love it!

  6. so fresh. thank you!

  7. awww shite!!!! Go Jesse, Go Theo ... what, what!!

  8. Avatar

    Coldest song i've heard since Sledgehammer by Invincible.


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