Video: Black Milk ‘Give The Drummer Sum’

Listening to Black Milk's "Give the Drummer Sum" from his newly-released Tronic, it's hard not to imagine a video replete with kaleidoscopic colors, a funky big band and the requisite honeys. With that in mind, there really isn't much to say for the video's execution because it lives up to what I hear. All the energy and aggression is spot-on so all visual clichés are forgiven. By the way, Tronic is sonning right now. You will need a neckbrace after a few listens.


2 Responses

  1. This right here is my joint! the video is on point but what moves me the most is this is REAL hip hop. I wasnt too familiar with Black Milk but I am about to be. Classic joint right here, as LL said back in the day " Jam that you like that dont be getting no airplay

  2. I actually like the video cliche's. It's an appealing visual that goes w/a very hot track. "Tronic" is on constant rotation in my iPod.