Which of These Tracks Passes The SoulBounce Sniff Test?

Here's a roundup of some new and noteworthy tracks that we either missed or didn't really warrant a single post (sorry, Jamie). First up is the superb "MVP" by Ludacris produced by DJ Premier. I'm thinking Luda should do more work with producers of Primo's caliber, since he seemed to bring out that classic Luda. (Best line: "Every time an album drop, I drop big like Volletta.") Next is Jamie Foxx with auto-tune-heavy "Number 1 (Get Dumb)" featuring Lil' Wayne. The Just Blaze beat is hot. Everything else? Trash. Then we have Dallas Austin signee Colin Munroe with "Will I Stay" featuring Wale. Colin is the new friend in my head. Rounding out the list a remix of Solange's "I Decided" featuring Snoop Dogg. Enjoy! [IR/ML/AW/MM]

Ludacris: "MVP"

Jamie Foxx (feat. Lil' Wayne): "Number 1 (Get Dumb)"

Colin Munroe (feat. Wale): "Will I Stay (Remix)"

Solange (feat. Snoop Dogg): "I Decided (G-Mix)"

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4 Responses

  1. The Luda track is hoooooot. The Premier beat really complements Luda's style.
    Check out Kaliban

  2. Wow. I hate to say it but everyone one of those songs was garbage. The hot stinking kind.
    1 I am really unhappy to hear Foxx messing with autotune.
    2 Solange? That period sound just doesn't work past one or two songs. (even though it was the best song of the bunch)
    3 Colin is without talent. Period.
    4 Ludacris sounds mechanical these days. This is music, where is the melody in his voice?

  3. Sorry but:
    Love Solange, but this remix isn't worthy any special attention.
    Luda --> does he actually know how to rap? not in this song apparently
    Jamie --> right, the beat is hot, that's all
    collin munroe --> awfull

  4. I do believe that I would have liked that Luda (or should I say Primo) track much more if CL Smooth was rhyming over it. The rest: Uh-Uh, nope, hate 'em on all counts.


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