Who Do You Think Should Perform at Obama’s Inauguration?

obama_inaug.jpgOver at E! Online one they polled a random smattering of celebrities and notables about who they think should perform at Barack Obama's inauguration. Many of the interviewees mentioned non-singers like Ellen Degeneres and internationals like Leona Lewis and, of course, icons like the incomparable Stevie Wonder, who few would argue should be absent from the event. There was, however, something so lacking about the list that was formulated there. It lacked the punch and panache that we here at SoulBounce both promote and demand.

While we agree with Stevie being on the shortlist, we also think folks like Jill Scott, Anthony David, and The Roots,
among others, would make a great line up. Surely you've got an opinion
about this, dear readers, and could come up with a great list of
performers. Let us know who you'd like to see perform at the
inauguration and why you think they'd be a fit for this historic and
hotly anticipated event. [E!]

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47 Responses

  1. Ledisi. no explanation needed.

  2. - john legend, definitely. his obama-inspired song is lovely
    - kanye (yes kanye - remember, this is the kat that had the cajones to call out george bush during the katrina telethon)
    - a non-bonkers lauryn hill
    - nikki giovanni
    - leontyne price
    - alicia keys

  3. Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder, and Stevie Wonder.

  4. Singing ONLY. Dont be fooled. Rap does not move a nation to tears of Joy and Hopefulness.
    Think Big.
    Should be two pianos back to back. Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.
    Think new.
    Should be two pianos back to back. Alicia Keyes and John Legend.
    Think Nuevo Traditional. An All Star Band featuring: Raul Midon,
    Jenifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Chesney Josh Stone.
    No Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, no over singing, NO cleavage.

  5. Stevie is a must. I will be giving O a side eye of the week if this doesn't happen! I know he got some say-so! Nah, I would imagine it will happen since he did perform the night he accepted the nom.
    But we need some Chitown love up in there too. I like the idea of JHud (although I don't see how she could get through the performance without breaking down seeing as one of the things her mother was so adamant about was getting to vote for Obama).
    I would also like to see The Roots do something as well.
    Acey Ducey might get a spot since Michelle bumps him in her pod. That would be a GREAT look for underrated soul artists. *shivers at the thought*
    And let's be clear, the only Sasha I wanna see up on that stage is little Sasha O!

  6. @hoodedmonk:
    LMAO @ "no cleav". You don't EVEN wanna know the discussion we had about ReRe and her appendanges....

  7. Jill Scott all the way. That operatic voice. She's done the Kennedy Center Honors if I recall correctly, this is the logical next step.

  8. Hmm..I like and respect the usual folks such as Beyonce, Alicia, Mariah and even Aretha for that matter, but I would love to see Jill Scott on this one..She has such a regal quality about her, and would have major appeal..not to mention, she would KILL it! I also vote for Jennifer Hudson, I hope she decides to do it, but can''t be mad if she doesn't. As for males, Stevie? No question! I'd love to see the Roots too, but let's admit, that's probably a DREAM. And if they decide to throw a lil gospel in there, I'd go for Mary Mary..

  9. I'm sure Obama will select an eclectic group of performers that will appeal to all Americans. He doesn't want to come across as being too Black. However, I would like to see Gladys Knight & Jill Scott perform. I'm sure Stevie will be there, Barack & Michelle are big Stevie fans.

  10. All the names people said are great...Stevie Wonder has to be on there. But wouldn't be dope if Public Enemy did Fight The Power...and people in the crowd were holding up signs of Malcolm, Martin, and Barack just like the video...ELVIS WAS A HERO TO MOST........

  11. Stevie is the best choice but it'd be cool beans if Jill Scott, John Legend and Alicia Keys were to perform...There are a couple of more I would pick but I don't know if they are too young (Karina Pasian) or too left field (Will.I.Am, he did do all the most Obama tribute songs) to be put in that'd be grand if a mix of respectable artists from different genres were represented...but as we all know Barack has sense and he'll no doubt pick a group of artists that fits well with everyone and the occassion

  12. Stevie is a given. Don't even need to vote for him. Didn't he show up at every rally this year?
    So I gotta cast my vote for Jilly. I GUARANTEE she'd rock something that would go down in the history books.
    Maybe a Stevie & Jill duet?

  13. Jilly and Ledisi for sure!! No way you can go wrong with those 2!!

  14. Stevie Wonder without a doubt. Jill Scott and John Legend. PERIOD.

  15. Stevie Wonder without a doubt. Jill Scott and John Legend. PERIOD. I'd even say Kindred since they are a couple and would reflect more of a family vibe too.

  16. Let's see:
    Stevie Wonder(everybody loves Stevie)
    Gladys Knight & The Pips
    Aretha Franklin
    Al Green
    Earth Wind and Fire( see Stevie above)
    Maxwell (just because, but I know they aren't ready...LOL)
    Dougie Fresh (it would be hilarious to see the Pres and First Lady dancing to "The Show")
    Michael Jackson (yeah, I know. Never happen.)
    Jill Scott or Erykah Badu

  17. Fantasia...She sung I Believe for him 3 years ago and it was amazing!!

  18. Stevie, EW&F, Alicia Keys, and if Sly Stone wasn't in the state he is in today, I would love for him and the Family Stone to perform Everyday People. His message of unity is beginning to be realized now, some forty years later. Definite no on Kanye (douche, anyone?), no on John Legend (yawn - legendarily average).

  19. Maxwell
    Jill Scott
    Femi Kuti
    Stevie Wonder (a given)
    Rashelle Ferrell

  20. stevie wonder, ewf, jill scott, raul midon & ledisi....i could maybe even stand for some frank mccomb up there. & i'm sorry, but also some gladys or patti might bring tears to my eyes.

  21. I remember reading on Okayplayer that ?uestlove was sayin that Jill was adamantly AGAINST I dont think she will be performing unless she a big ol hypocrite. Who knows...

  22. This could turn out to be the ultimate soul concert, how else would you get some of the best in the world together on one night!
    I'd go for: Jill Scott and Ledisi (no explanation needed), obviously Stevie, Al Green, India.Arie, Gladys Knight, Erykah Badu and Bilal (can't see it but one can wish).
    Then i'd have the Roots, Roy Hargrove and Larry Gold providing the live music!

  23. Stevie Wonder
    India Arie (would like to see her perform "There's Hope")
    Jill Scott (would like to see her perform "My Petition")
    Jeffery Osborne (would like to see him perform "We're Going All The Way")
    Nas and kids (would like to see them perform "I Can")
    EWF (would like to see them perform "Keep Your Head To The Sky")

  24. How about no celebrities,
    none at all.
    Find great unknown artists, young and old, in the communities or schools (they're not hard to trace), stage a great ceremony and give the talented their day.
    I know it's not answering the question but doesn't the thought of all that entitled celeb preening make you tired...?

  25. @JP That's not true. That's how nasty rumors get started. Unless you're providing a hot laink, don't put that kinda mess out there please and thank you.

  26. I think Jennifer Hudson should perform! I mean yes she's been through a lot but i think she should. President Obama and Jennifer Hudson is from the same state. Hopefully she will, he needs some one that has CLASS unlike Beyonce (Cough, Cough!). 🙂

  27. SEAL. Seal's music has been prayer for me for President Elect Obama for over a year now. On my way to work, on my way home from work. Loves Divine(prayed for him to win), Walk on by(if he lost),Get it together( I knew he would win), that would be nice:).

  28. Stevie Wonder and Jill you really need more? If James Brown was alive....whew!

  29. There's A LOT of Jill Scott up here and funny thing is she didn't even vote for Obama. Her choice but I'm just saying...

  30. We don't need this to be the Grammys. The inauguration is a very formal event. We don't need to cart in every prima donna R&B diva or rapper who made some You-tube video for Obama during the campaign. The music should reflect the diverse musical heritage of America.
    Personally, I'd like to see John Legend and a full, multi-racial choir singing, "If You're Out There.

  31. @jennifer Again, can we get some linkage to this? Did she not vote or did she vote for McCain? Were you in the booth with Jill when she pulled the lever? I'm just sayin. I like to stay informed - but with factual info please!

  32. Hey Vivrant Thing. No, I wasn't in the booth with Jill but I got my info. from Questlove, one of Jill's closests friends. Peep this:

  33. Aretha, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, or Roberta Flack. These are respectable artists that would be appropriate for this ocassion

  34. i think CHRISETTE MICHELE should sing at the inauguration 🙂

  35. i think CHRISETTE MICHELE should sing at the inauguration 🙂

  36. It never crosses your mind that we hispanics should also be represented for the great support that we gave Barack Obama and because we have an artist of world-wide prestige and fame and that's none other than SHAKIRA!
    Thank You


  38. I'd love to see my girl, Pattie La Belle perform for President elect. No one does like it Pattie La Belle. Give her this opportunity to perform at this historic event. She can sing anything.

  39. I'd love to see my girl, Pattie La Belle perform for President elect. No one does like it Pattie La Belle! Give her this opportunity to perform at this historic event. She can sing anything. Can you imagine Patti singing I Believe, or Over the Rainbow?

  40. Please give Patti la Belle a chance to perform for this historic event. She has a dynamic unique voice that can sing anthing that will appeal to all types of persons.

  41. I think that Vanessa L. Williams is a class act, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Pattie La Bella & Roberta Flack should perform at
    the Inaugural Ball.

  42. i think and believe whole hardly that patti labelle should sing at barack obama's inaguration folling her aretha franklin ,gladys knight and jennifer holiday four of the strongest women with powerful voices in this generation ,we have waited for this moment in time dont screw it up with someone who cant sing !get Patti Labelle she amazing !!

  43. Why Pattie Labelle not part of the Inagural

  44. Why Pattie Labelle was not part of the Inagural

  45. Where was Patti LaBelle? SHe is the quintessential voice, she has the mastery, the range, the soul and yes, the voice to reach the millions of people who flocked to the inauguration. Her absence was very real, and I feel pain in the fact that BK thinks she can even come close to this woman. She's not fit to wipe her shoes, and CANNOT sing, she can yell, sigh loudly, and cry, but she cannot sing. Even Jennifer Hudson proved that, by winning an emmy and a GG as a first time artist, over a so called singer. Ha

  46. Although the inaugaration has already happened, I've recently come across the question of who should perform... Well, although my answer is a little late, here it goes. ANTHONY DAVID allllll the way. He is one of the most phenomenal talents that I have come across in a long time. Stevie Wonder without a doubt just fits the purpose. He has been my all time favorite since my mother started playing "Blame It On The Sun", an old Stevie joint from 1972.
    Lastly, this is a hot site by the way. I'll be checking in every so often to see whats going on and who will be performing where.