Will Idle Warship’s New Video Make You ‘Moan’ or Groan?

When we last checked with Idle Warship, the duo--Talib Kweli and Res--were busy railing against Hillary Clinton who was nipping at Barack Obama's heels to become the Democratic nominee for president. It goes without saying that alot has changed since then. Barack is now POTUS. Hating Hillary is going to be Secretary of State. And Idle Warship has grown from a buy-one-get-one free deal to a trio with the addition of Canadian alternative/hip hop artist Graph Nobel. Graph is Res' partner in her other side project Fleetwood Black, so it makes sense that she would fall into the Idle Warship fold. That doesn't mean that was a good idea, however, because after hearing her on the group's new track "Black Snake Moan" and seeing the fresh-out-the-oven video, I'm a little underwhelmed. Kweli delivers an adequate verse but something doesn't gel with Res and Graph suggestively singing that they'll "make your black snake moan/so if you're 'bout it take me home." Really? For a group that started out so different and cutting edge, this song and video fall into the tired and increasingly typical, frenetic nightclub fare. Meh.

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4 Responses

  1. ok enough is enough, every rapper & lower level R&B chick cant get together to form a "supergroup" I havent heard anything to suggest that by combining forces either of these artist are gonna move more units. Talib is still one of my all time top five Mc's but unless he hooks up with Dawn Robinson or Teedra Moses I aint trying to hear it:)

  2. After the awesomeness of "Tsunami" and "700-Mile Situation" I'm wondering why in the Hell Res would fall back to those rather inane lyrics????

  3. After her fantastic debut How Do I, Res kinda faded away like so many other talented artists who dont have the PR machine chugging along behind them.
    How Do I is still in heavy rotation and i was excited to hear of the Idle Warship project (im by no means a hip-hop head, but i do love TK), but this is not what i expected. They definitely need to try harder!


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