Alicia Keys Gets Less Than Five Grammy Nominations For Once, Sparks Conspiracy Theories

akeys_grammys.jpgIt's all fun and games until Alicia Keys gets shut out of major Grammy races-- then it's a conspiracy. While still nominated, Keys is one of a few artists whose exclusion from certain Grammy categories is sparking interesting gossip at the LA Times blog (see also: Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, and Ne-Yo). Though the point made about the absence of As I Am from Best R&B Album considering its remarkable success is a reasonable one, it also fails to consider the quality of the other albums nominated in that field. Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It? Eric Benét's Love and Life? Here's a conspiracy theory: albums nominated for Best R&B Album actually contain R&B music. How is that possible?!

Here's another theory: the music of Alicia Keys, though decent enjoyable and worthy of the Grammy Awards she's earned, is not necessarily R&B. Especially when compared to Al Green and Boyz II Men (even Jennifer Hudson).

Her absence from R&B categories may not be a free pass for lesser artists, as implied. It could also serve as a reminder that there is more to R&B than Alicia Keys. Methinks the shock is just a residual withdrawal symptom from the Grammy Awards peddling Alicia-Ade for so long.

What do you think? Is her exclusion from R&B categories an outright snub or warranted?

Six Juicy Grammy Conspiracy Theories

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11 Responses

  1. I don't think Alicia's exclusion from r & b categories is an outright snub. I think, as Ro said, there was actually worthy and true R & B music that needed to be nominated.
    I wonder if Alicia is also the victim of award overload? What I mean is, Alicia has been just about every music award show darling since her debut. I wonder if the people who voted for the nominations decided that Alicia has received "enough" accolades and because they have rewarded her so much in the's okay to "overlook" her CD this year in favor of other artists. Just a thought.
    But, It's funny how people complain b/c the same people get nominated every year, and when the award shows try to 'step outside the box' and nominate different artists...people still complain.

  2. I'd sooner have Alicia Keys' album as a nominee in the category than Ne-Yo or J. Holiday's albums. If Keys' album isn't r&b enough for the category, neither are theirs. And where's the love for Raheem Devaughn's Love Behind The Melody?

  3. As I Am is not a traditional R&B album so no suprises here..It is more adult contemporary...not a bad thing-just the facts
    as far as J Holiday-Boo!
    The writing and arrangements on Ne-yo's album were the business-vocally it was watevs

  4. i agree with chyna doll's assertion that a. keys may be the victim of award overload. which i personally don't understand, because i find her music to be rather boring. "as i am" was a huge snoozefest if you ask me. maybe the powers that be agree. dwele should be nominated, "sketches of a man" is tha shiznit.

  5. Alicia was so snubbed...Album of the Year and all the other categories should have been hers...That album was amazing. I listen still to this day.

  6. The LA Times article is just there to stir up some s**t.
    If we start to award grammys on the basis of 'units sold' then we would all be in trouble! I was originally a bit sceptical of the grammys but this year they seem to have rewarded those who deserve it rather than those whose PR machine has worked it's magic.
    As for Mariah's Touch My Body .....LOL

  7. She's the Meryl Streep of R&B!

  8. Hmmm...I've grown up on R&B and I'm sitting here trying to figure out how As I Am is not an R&B album.
    And to be honest, As I Am was much better than Love & Life and Jennifer Hudson's release. Who knows why she was overlooked. Still loved her album, regardless. The first Key's album I paid attention to past the radio play.

  9. I just think they choose the wrong album to mess with, Alicia is good but this album was the best piece of work she has ever put together. And please help me review the album and tell me a single song that doesnt qualify as an RnB song is it SUPERWOMAN or TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR or TELL YOU SOMETHING, oh wait i remember THE THING ABOUT LOVE OR WRECKLESS LOVE. Not only was she robbed of the top categories but also in the RnB sector. My God what were the thinking its so Obvious and why would Me Myself and I by Beyonce be nominated for best rnb song when there are alot of songs like Brandy Right here departed or 16 @ War by Karina pasian , i guess the should also nominate Alicia key's How come you don't call me from her 2001 album cos she performs it so good on stage.

  10. Not to stir up anything, BUT, remember at the 2002 Grammy Awards when India.Arie was up for seven Grammys and walked away EMPTY HANDED? That same year Alicia Keys was nominated for six Grammys and walked away with five. Both women are talented and put out stellar debut albums. They could not eek out one to India--cold blooded. But it is what it is.
    To a certain degree, it is a game of favorites. Talent vs. packaging, either way, NARAS does its politicking like any other entity.

  11. There's a lot I could say on this, but I'll keep it to myself because I am a stan.


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