Behind the Groove with Eric Benét


Eric Benét is riding high on a wave of success right now. His latest album, Love & Life, is a hit with fans and critics alike, and he most recently garnered two well-deserved Grammy Award nominations for the release. Not one to follow trends or rely on gimmicks to sell records, Eric Benét is a true artist in every sense of the word and his talent is being rewarded.

Although Eric first appeared on the scene as part of the family act Benét early in the '90s, it wasn't until his 1996 debut solo release, True To Myself, that people really took notice of the fine brother in dreadlocs. Yes, he was great to look at with his cool bohemian style, but he was even better to listen to. Two more classic albums followed, A Day in the Life and Hurricane, and now on his fourth disc, both Eric and his music have grown.

Love & Life is one of my favorite albums this year by one of my favorite artists period, so this episode of Behind the Groove was a major treat for me. I had a ball speaking with Eric. He can be serious and sexy, but he'll also cut up and clown at the drop of a beat. Benét has a fantastic sense of humor and is as charismatic in conversation as he is on stage. Check out our rather interesting conversation about the next single "Chocolate Legs," hear the proud papa talk about his baby girl and the song on the album that he wrote when she was born, listen to him talk lovingly about the True EB Fans, and find out what else is on his horizon.

Behind the Groove with Eric Benét

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Podcast playlist below. All songs by Eric Benét unless noted.

"Georgy Porgy" feat. Faith Evans
"Spend My Life With You" feat. Tamia
"Chocolate Legs"
"When U Think of Me" feat. Roy Ayers
"One More Tomorrow"
"You're the Only One" (Live) feat. India Benét
"You're the Only One"
"Great Live Caper" - J. Rawls
"Spanish Fly"

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  1. Excellent interview, Butta! I loved it!

  2. Kudos, Butta! Great job as usual!

  3. Kudos, Butta! Go Fave! Love it!

  4. Awesome interview! Love the shout out to us Traveling EB fans.....whoop whoop!!!!!
    Thank you Butta!

  5. And what did I tell you about the drool??...LOL
    Great interview love, nice to learn about the many facets of Eric Benet.
    (Wicked job Fave)