Beyoncé Is A Rolling Stone. . .Winner

So, Rolling Stone is in "Best of 2008" mode, which means the compiling of many lists including those for Best Albums and Best Singles of the Year. And while we've all learned that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that we shouldn't be surprised by anything magazines do these days, still...the mag tabbed Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" its number one single of the year. Their reasoning: "The irresistible and exuberant, the
vocal hook is stormy and virtuosic, and her lesson is blunt: Seal
the deal."
My response: Really, Rolling Stone?!? 

Let's be clear. I like Bey. I even like the song. But number one? With all the great music that was released over the past twelve months, the choice of "Single Ladies"--which was released as a single last month--is just...odd. So while we're taking their pick with a huge grain of salt (a rock, even), let's just put it out there: If you were running your own magazine, site, where would you rank Bey's latest anthem? Would you? And more importantly, which song would occupy your number one spot for 2008? Let us know. [RS

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17 Responses

  1. Yea ill pass on this choice.....Next!

  2. Please, Soul Bounce, are you really surprised? Like Obama's team, the entertainment press is staying on message about Beyonce and this icon thing. The song is catchy -- like a Christmas song. That's it. No way it deserves the top spot. But how else is Matthews Knowles gonna move this album. I mean a better song right off the top of my head...uh..."No One" by Alicia Keys.

  3. it's too much like right for the Rolling Stones and VIBEs of the world to make a boldly different choice for selections such as this. that's why i barely pick them up anymore. these magazines (and others) are about as credible as MTV when it comes to music. is "Single Ladies" the single of the year? i don't know, because i don't really consume music in that way. i don't listen to the radio, and i don't really watch video shows anymore. the concept of a single is pretty much dead to me. that being said, i still don't think "Single Ladies" is that brilliant (or big) of a song. it isn't really the iconic, earth-shattering explosion that "Crazy in Love" was. i don't even think it is as good conceptually or musically as "Deja Vu," but it does have a better video than that particular track.
    i dunno, man. we as Soulbouncers know what's up--i'm not sure that many of us would have matched Rolling Stone's pick. we have to take into consideration that real soul and R&B music of a certain caliber just isn't on Rolling Stone's radar. especially if it's an independent project, RS likely isn't touching it. i don't think they ever really have. that's why i look to different magazines, and that's why i come here--i know that you guys are more my speed, and don't do all of that pandering to the mainstream artists all the time.
    anyway, if i had to select a "song" (not single) of the year, it would probably be "L-O-V-E" by SugaRush Beat Company. or maybe the Foreign Exchange/Muhsinah joint. or the Jazzanova/Phonte collaboration, "Look What You're Doing to Me." i'm not good with lists.

  4. how lazy can they be?! seriously who is in charge over much good music has been released this year and they go and pick that song...i agree its catchy I like it, BUT it does NOT sum up my top choices in 08, it sounds like every other song Bey ever put out. honestly if it wasnt for the SNL spoof I would not have given it that much love...regardless it wouldnt even make my top 10....if anything i would even choose "paper planes" by mia even tho the album release in 07, that song popped off in 08 in a major way and is still going....the reason for paper planes is it has all the factors a song neeeds, hook, lyrics, loops of a gun goin off, and still has street cred on a underground and mainstream level. not too many artists can cross over and be accepted in all genres or worlds of music. but there really are too many songs that I can think of that would blow "single ladies" away but off top and considering all factors of a solid song on all relms paper planes is my choice...agree or disagree.

  5. I know this is hard to hear. But a friend of mine asked me this same question earlier today, and this was the first song that came to mind. I know...crazy. But it was, i still have not answered him, because im thinking to my self it had to be something better come out this year. and I m just being bias because currently this is my favorite song....but i still havent thought of any other yet..maybe ive become to mainstream.....sue me!

  6. "i need you bad" was my jam that may be my winner!

  7. was kind of a given considering that Rolling Stone couldn't even get their 100 Greatest Singers right...much less the albums of the year. What makes me chuckle is that Santogold's "LES Artistes" is number two, as if "Oh, that's too left field...let's give the number one slot to Beyonce because she's familliar and people won't get that upset with us"...Rolling Stone didn't have the guts to at least have a new face/sound top that list...and so ends 2008, the year of "change"...

  8. I think the selection is a matter of immediacy......and someone's payroll. Straight up. There are plenty of awesome number ones over the past year, but they chose this one because it's HOT RIGHT NOW. Again, immediacy; something Beyonce Knowles is all about; the right here and the right now. Gotta get that Oscar right here and right now; gotta get more albums sold right here and right now; gotta get the most number ones right here and right now. Immediacy. The makings of a legend? I don't think so....
    But through Rolling Stone's actions as well as VIBE as someone mentioned, not just where concerns Beyonce but other 'immediate' artists, other 'currently NOW POPULAR artists', it just shows the state of music and the overall, RUSH TO SHIPMENT, pre-packaging, quick, quick, quick, no substance, forced substance, faked substance b.s. that the music world has been throwing our way. It's like a big ole factory with all machinery and pretty buttons but no real depth....

  9. Oh, I'd rank Beyonce's anthem on a list from 2009, a RETROSPECTIVE list determining the biggest hits of 2008.
    I wouldn't rank it NOW as it's still in rotation. We haven't bore witness to the longevity of the song...and that plays a factor in these 'lists' doesn't it?
    They just had to give Beyonce a title; rather, they had to give another accolade to a popular music star whose current release is in its burgeoning state.
    With that said, I can't rate it...I abhor this song *sad face* I can only take so many patty-cake, nursery rhymes in a lifetime. LOL.

  10. @ dar,
    I agree. Crazy in Love is as close to Beyonce-iconic a song as there will ever be.

  11. I don't know who is the better PR master...Matthew Knowles or Angelina Jolie.
    Anyway, single ladies #1. Uh, no. I like the songs. It gets u moving. But it sounds just like Get Me Bodied.

  12. I wouldn't. And I didn't on my list. Mostly because the song is Get Me Bodied. White folks love Beyonce. Had any other female released a song that was a blind copy of earlier work, I doubt praise would have been so forthcoming. I'm convinced that the industry makes a ton of money off of her so it also says that she's good. Would that we could make distinctions between art and commerce in America.

  13. The song is the song and that's a matter of taste, but it sometimes seems that we take the same dismissive "not real enough' tone with Beyonce as we did with Ross and Houston. I was largely indifferent to her but the more I see of her live performances and the dignified way she conducts herself, the more impressed I am. She's a phenomenon and that can be very annoying, but I think she's an important artist, we should credit her more now and not, as we so frequently do, in retrospect. I'm just sayin'

    • I would keep it where it is at at this momet; single ladies is catchy and makes you want to get up and D.A.N.C.E.!
      Beyonce is a diva, an icon--some may say that giving her the number one single of the year is a bit extreme, but hey, its a great song and while other artists have tried to knock Beyonce off, they couldn't. I would say that other songs off her album are a bit better, e,g, Halo or Scared of Lonely, but hey, thats just me!

  14. @Nonplussed
    I concur. She can actually sing well live and that counts for a lot with me. Many of today's artists, even those loved by Soulbounce, sound horrible live. If her songwriting improves, she 's well on her way to becoming a legend/icon.

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    It's hard for me to go one way or the other with Beyonce sometimes because the blase movie roles and media mess aside, I've always respected and even admired her as a performer and vocalist. Very few my opinion..out there can perform and dance with the energy she does and still sound good live, which also counts for alot with me. If I were to make a top 100 list, Single Ladies would probably be on it, because I do like the song but It'd be toward the bottom though..Not only does it sound like a leftover track from B'Day, but it irks me when a song comes out late in the year and blows to the top of all the year-end music lists..that's such lazy practice to me..but who am I to criticize the power of the Almighty Bey...There's a lot I haven't heard, but my #1 song of the year was The Roots' Rising Down

  16. Beyonce's "Single Ladies" had the most impact in the short amount of time, thus it was obvious to crown the song as number one. If they were looking for lyrical content or any of that, they would have gone with "If I were a boy" but "Single Ladies" was the obvious choice. It was up-tempo, fun, gets you moving, Beyonce in a leotard, amazing choreography and a message that needs to be learned. It still continues to dominate till this date and Rolling Stones knew that early on. I personally would have put it at number one based on IMPACT only. Lyrical content, there are MANY other songs to choose from. And this is all coming from a Jazz fan.