Bounce-Worthy: Mycah Chevalier

When the temperatures go down, my craving for stay-at-home-and-cuddle music goes up. That's where my latest discovery Mycah Chevalier comes in. With the release of her debut album, Roux's Fantasy, the Washington, DC native with Creole roots has mixed up quite a tasty concoction. Equal parts soul and jazz with a sprinkling of the blues, Roux's Fantasy is the musical equivalent of comfort food. Mycah may be from the DMV, but her music is a direct reflection of her heritage and influences. Reminiscent of Chante Moore, Mycah's music is definitely grown and undeniably sexy. Roux's Fantasy is the perfect soundtrack for lounging in front of the fireplace with your bun-bun. This is an album that you'll find yourself playing from beginning to end, then gladly pressing repeat. Chevalier also puts on a satisfying live show, so do yourself the favor and find her upcoming performance dates on her MySpace page. In the meantime, treat yourself or a loved one to Roux's Fantasy, available now via numerous online retailers.   

Mycah Chevalier: "Thinkin'"

Mycah Chevalier: "Jus Won Relax U Blues"

Mycah Chevalier
Mycah Chevalier Roux's Fantasy [Amazon][iTunes][CD Baby]  

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6 Responses

  1. I just bought this wonderful cd off amazon.
    It will mos def be a holiday favorite.
    Perfect for these cold detroit nights...Thanks Butta!!!

  2. Damn she looks like ole girl from the fresh prince (Ashley) 🙂

  3. oooooh I love these two... luv it

  4. She is a phenomenal artist & a dynamic performer...Keep up the great work Mycah! 😉

  5. Mycha is and always has been amazing. My favorite hit is Back-n-Forth ....