Celebrating the Spirit of Black Santa

black_santa_sp.jpgSince it's the holidays, our editors will be in and out for the next several days. Mostly out. See, we need to catch up on listening to the Temptations' rendition of "Silent Night", since we've only heard it about 5,000 times instead of the requisite 10,000. We meant to say something on Monday, but we were so caught up in the egg nog rapture of the holiday spirit that we totally overlooked it. Our bad. At any rate, we're chillin' and enjoying this well-deserved vacation and so should you. And at the risk of getting emo, thanks to everyone that visits everyday and keeps us on our toes, your voices are highly valued in this discourse. Have a safe, blessed and soulful holiday!

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11 Responses

  1. As we say here in Germany " Glückliche Feiertage zu meinen ganzen Leuten, sind sicher, können Gott jedes von Ihnen segnet"
    Translation follows...."Happy holidays to all my peoples, be safe, may god bless each of you" Happy Kwanza:-)

  2. To Soulbounce - Thank you for a wonderful year. Good stories. Wonderful reads. Excellent music. See you in 2009!

  3. I am so glad I learned about SB in 2008. I got with ya'll thanks to a mention by I think in the late spring/early summer. Well, I am so happy!!!! Ya'll have entertained me and hipped me to some true AND real GOOD music.....I really appreciate the SB crew and all that you do.
    God's Blessing to all of you. Happy Holidays.

  4. Happy Holidays to all the great people at Soulbounce.

  5. OKAY because I have been at work since Monday wondering what to do with myself without you guys! Well, enjoy the much needed break and I look forward to catching you after the bouce!

  6. Soulbounce was one of my great finds of 2008. I'm looking forward to what you guys/gals have in store for 2009.
    Happy Holidays Soulbounce.

  7. no posts for two days... i was starting to wonder if an elf had knocked y'all upside the head and made off with your keyboards! thank you for a wonderful year of music, and i'm looking forward to '09. happy holidays, and don't dip too deep into the nog!

  8. discovering Soul Bounce was a very early Christmas present this year. peace to you and yours everybody!

  9. Merry Christmas folks! 😉

  10. Merry Christmas and thank you Soulbouncers!

  11. as i read this i couldn't help but think of the ADORABLE song i learned as a child called Santa Claus Is a BlackMan by Akim & The Teddy Vann Production company... AW!!!