Def Squad Face-Off Gives Advantage To Redman

But only slightly. In case you were unaware, one of Hip Hop's most beloved duos, EPMD, will soon be releasing their new album, We Mean Business, their seventh album together in 21 years. Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith have not exactly been as visible as fellow Def Squad member Redman, and the proof of their lack of practice is evident in the track for their first single "Listen Up." The video sounds and looks as though it's something that "Crossover" threw up and walked away from, while the lyrics are lackluster at best. 

Redman's "Lay You Out" featuring Madlib's little brother Oh No is more sonically interesting, if only for the fact that the beat relies on the Street Fighter II theme from the beloved video game. Complete with a mention of the "Ryu-kick" battle cry, this track comes from the Street Fighter Underground: Remix mixtape in commemoration of the rerelease of the classic video game. Luckily, times have changed a bit since the days of Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, Red sounds as though he wanted to bring the ruckus but didn't. Advantage (slightly): Redman. [H/T:OKP]

Redman feat. Oh No: "Lay You Out"

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6 Responses

  1. WTF?`Are you absolutely deaf? Or Are you affected by the superwack 1998-lookin video? Teddy Riley goes hard on this one
    New EPMD album "We mean business" is possibly the best album this year. Or go with Young Joc.....

  2. I usually go hard for Mami, but I cant ride with you this time beautiful. I am feeling this joint, the thing about real hip hop is it either moves you or it doesnt. Thats how I distingush between good hip hop and wack hip hop. This joint moves me I am mos def gonna scoop up the LP when it drops..........

  3. The video looks like it was a treatment for TLC back in like 97 but the song isn't that bad. It sounds a lil dated but it's solid. EPMD were never lyrical geniuses in the first place but they always did make solid joints. I'd play it out.

  4. I've been avoiding this, because as an EPMD fan for life, I didn't want to bear witness to FAIL.
    But this isn't bad. It's not amazing but it's respectable.
    Like Sonny James said, they were never lyrical monsters. It was always about style and the back and forth balance between the two.
    Nice to see the hoodies and fisherman hats, even though they're pretty anachronistic in the current times of day-glo and skinny jeans.

  5. Ahh man glad to see my favorite Hip-Hop group of all time back on the scene, and still keeping it fresh. With Teddy on the tracks... anyone trying to do the "T-Pain" auto tune go back and study this dude. Teddy's no joke with it. Guy anyone?? Honestly I'm feeling this because it is a breath of fresh air in a wack industry right now. I think E-Double said it best in the verse... "I can't talk ignorant, I got some intelligent folks that's digging this so that's how I'm giving this...

  6. I'm a long time lurker and normally Soul Bounce and me are of the same mind...but I have to disagree with you on this one. I'm a longtime fan of EPMD and grew up on these guys, PE, and Kurtis Blow and this is classic EPMD material here. Yes, the video is corn, but with all of the over treatment of music videos these days, I don't mind this one so much. The song itself is classic EPMD and I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to hear more...hopefully they won't disappoint