Freddie Hubbard (1938-2008)

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  1. WOW Yall have no idea how hard sad this is to me my God I do vocal remakes to his jazz compositions like the one on the link below i got into his genius in bout 93 and I recently did a vocal intro to his music ... When Tahiti see's this he gone be sad R.I.P. Freddie Hubbard

  2. i don't mean to sound in any way insensitive, but doesn't it seem like we lose more of our legends around Christmastime and during the new year transition? maybe it just seems that way to me. weird.
    at any rate, i've always loved Freddie Hubbard's work, especially his 70's stuff. he's such a widely known figure and had played with everyone.
    man, rest in peace to Freddie Hubbard and everyone else we've lost this year.

  3. I remember listening to the album "Super Blue" like it was a damn Michael Jackson record. Over and over and over .........
    The lesson learned was: no man with any amount of talent gets ahead without practice practice practice. listening listening hearing. study study play play play experiment experiment take a chance.
    Then repeat for a lifetime till someone is inspired by it.
    Thanks Brother....for the inspiration.

  4. Freddie HUbbard was a bad mother(shut yo mouth!) At his artistic apex is was the epitome of great jazz, blowing hard and furious.