Grammy Nominations More Interesting Than Anticipated

grammy09.jpgLast night the Grammy Award nominees were announced amid the questionability of the television special hosted by LL Cool J. Only a few of the many categories' nominees were announced at that time, but the complete list was made available in tandem. Surprisingly, it isn't that bad.

Although their choices are still rather conservative, it's like the
Recording Academy humbled themselves and read some music blogs this
year. Janelle Monáe, Raphael Saadiq, Maiysha, all of whom we love here
at SoulBounce, were nominated in various categories. Additionally,
Jazmine Sullivan is this year's Alicia Keys, coming away with five
nominations; Adele sonned fellow blue-eye-brit-soul singer Duffy (up for two awards)
and is contending in four categories;
Mary Mary are up for a few awards in gospel categories; genre jumpers
Gnarls Barkley could win in alternative categories; and, Lil Wayne was
nominated for, like, a milli awards (or eight).

It doesn't stop there, though. Some of the categories are teeming with
talent. Take Best Urban/Alternative Performance: Kenna, Chrisette
, Maiysha, Janelle Monáe, and Wayna and Kokayi? Now that is some
competition. Head-explosion threshold is breached in Best R&B Album
where Al Green, Eric Benét, Boyz II Men and Jennifer Hudson are
nominated. And more than a hat tip is in order for Estelle, the lone woman
up for a Grammy in the entire Rap field of categories.

Of course there are some considerably egregious absences like
Santogold and SoulBounce demigods Foreign Exchange, but we
cannot expect the world from the Recording Academy. They did come
through in many ways, yet graciously left some room for a modest drinking game and
some healthy argument. At least there's more to look forward to than
who'll be performing when the show airs on February 8.

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15 Responses

  1. Sheesh, I thought I was down with the SoulBounce family.
    I got a nomination too ya bastards!!

  2. *dead* @ previous.

  3. LOL.
    Also not mentioned: MIA, Erykah Badu, Mary J. Blige, Marcus Miller, Sam Sparro, Kirk Franklin, and Danger Mouse to name a few.

  4. Estelle had a damn good year. I hope she walks away with a few Grammys.
    And LMMFAO @ Anthony David!

  5. Wow, LOL @ Anthony David
    Is it bad that I screamed when I saw Janelle Monae and Rapahel Saddiq nominated? I don't care...they deserve it, as well as Estelle (whom impressed me more after seeing her live this year) Adele and Jazmine Sullivan...finally someone cleaned the wax out of their ears and heard talent

  6. i'll be damned. i might mess around and watch this time.

  7. Now, now Acey Ducey. The First Lady has your voice bumping in her iPod. Relax yourself, please settle down 🙂
    I am geeked beyond measure, particularly for local folx Wayna and Kokayi. Wayna is truly a beautiful person inside and out and I'm glad she is getting the shine she (and other underrated soul artists) deserves.
    Okay enough mushy stuff. 5 for JSul? I don't know about that. Mayhaps I was the only one that wasn't overly thrilled with her album, despite adoring her voice. I'm not saying she didn't deserve anything but 5? Well at the end of the day if that Milli sh*t got 8, then I really don't have a case. :-/

  8. Badu got screwed this time around.

  9. @ jennifer:
    You got that right! Erykah only nominated for best music video? That's it?! Her album was my absolute favorite of the year, period. I have no clue what the Grammy people were seeing. Also, I don't understand why Estelle's album wasn't nominated for best contemporary R&B. I'm pretty satisfied with the rest of the choices: Karina, Jazmine, Janelle...

  10. OK so I might have jumped the gun a bit on the previos grammys post here .... the nominations are not half bad (despite a few MAJOR omissions).
    I'm really pleased Wayna and Maiysha got a nod. Also, Anthony David & India.Arie must win for 'Words', let's hope that India.Arie goes to the grammys this year she really deserves it.
    As far as UK talent goes i'm not really a fan of Adele but I hope Estelle gets rewarded.
    A final moan: Erykah Badu (WTF a video nomination!)? Foreign Exchange? Musinah (maybe a bit too out there for grammys)? and Ra-Re Valverde?

  11. No fan of Lil' Wayne.
    Congrats to all the nominees including Wayna, Janelle Monae, and so on.
    I was never a fan a blue-eyed soul music, but I like Adele (though I hope Jazmine wins BNA, and Adele wins in the Pop category, but they are all good artists. :))
    Looks like the Grammy voters read the blogs this time!

  12. To Nate: I think New Amerykah was too "phreaky" for the mainstreet big whigs (and the general population). But the blogosphere ate it up. She got A LOT of critical reception for that album that she shoulda got at least a nod or two for the album. Oh well. The Grammy's don't really mean anything to me, I just like to see good work get rewarded. Maybe she'll win with Part Two.

  13. Lil Wayne - 8 noms... including best OVERALL album...oh well, I didn't have any respect for the Grammys anyway.

  14. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I guess this recession is allowing more of these critics to stay their asses home and get exposed to some real music and not the tripe that is on most of these commercial radio stations, i am happy for all these artists, 'specially my girl Jazmine!!! Kudos to Eric Benet, Anthony David and Raphael Saadiq, all artists that stay on constant rotation on my MP3 player. Wow, Kenna is also a good one! I'm mad Raheem just got one nomination tho!!

  15. Kudos to you Anthony! I am Siced that you got nominated! Stand up Brother! Don't get lost in the SAUCE!....