Karma Stewart Is ‘Waiting In The Wings’ For You


Karma Stewart's voice is the real thing. It's expansive, filling up whatever room she happens to be singing in, as well as any track she happens to be singing on. This Platinum Pied Pipers muse will be featured on their new album Abundance dropping next month, but until that time comes, her futuristically soulful single "Waiting In The Wings," written by PPP cohort Coultrain and produced by PPP's Waajeed will surely whet your appetite. The sound is reminiscent of Janelle Monáe's until it takes a much rougher and grittier turn. Her The Karma EP will be available next Monday via Fresh Selects' website, so be sure to give it a listen. 
Karma Stewart: "Waiting In The Wings"

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5 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this song. I like the unique approach she took with the music. It sounds like a lil doo wop with a space age rockish edge. Cool.

  2. This ish is ILL!
    Really feeling the Funk in it and the guitar is a nice add in with the vocals when the chorus comes up.
    I think I have to give the PPP another listen now and really check for Karma.
    Good lookin' out again.

  3. omg, this is so good. i need this in my life.

  4. woah this is cool!
    brand new sound but with with a classic touch
    i'm officially intrigued

  5. its edgy, funky, & soulful all at the same time. lookin forward to hearing more from karma 🙂