Marsha Ambrosius & Little Brother Bring The ‘Sunshine’

marsha_ambrosius_little_brother.JPGIt's been quite some time since Marsha Ambrosius took a trip to Wrongville and decided to put her own spin over some Death Row beats. We're learning to forgive her a bit more, especially after hearing her new track "Sunshine" featuring Little Brother. It's good to hear Rapper Big Pooh alongside Phonte in a role we're originally accustomed to: lyricist. "Sunshine" actually sounds much more like a Summer jam, but with temperatures dipping into ranges that are none too comfortable, we'll take all the Summer that we can get.

Marsha Ambrosius feat. Little Brother: "Sunshine"

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6 Responses

  1. Babygirl is trying to do her best Mary J -4-1-1 impersonation:) I'm feeling this joint on a couple of levels, i'm copping her album whenever she drops it. She kinds reminds me of Mary with all the street joints she is dropping and she had the good sense to put a real MC on this cut. Thank God for that, if I hear one more of that ugly little troll looking Lil Wayne I am gonna hurt sumbody:)

  2. I'm glad Marsha has come back to her senses and dropped this very infectious jam with my all-time favorite MC. Although the temps are dropping, u can almost feel the mercury rising as you dance 2 this!

  3. Isn't it more accurate to call this a Marsha Ambrosius and Little Brother track, since Pooh's on it?

  4. Nice. Diggin' Marsha and Phonte.

  5. um, this is BOTH of Little Brother on this track, don't diss Pooh 😉

  6. Good looking out, commenters. This oversight of leaving Pooh out will be fixed shortly. Thanks for keeping us honest.


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