Morning Soul: Take the Shackles Off My Feet

  • Akon gained consciousness while recording his next album, now realizes children listen to his music. [SR]
  • Will Spring 2009 bring the return of D'Angelo? Both an album and a tour will allegedly launch at that time. Repeat: allegedly. [PRW]
  • Slim (of 112 fame) went solo because didn't want to torture his soul by not using his God-given gift of song. [CTH]
  • "...I do believe [Kanye West] has delusions of grandeur," says Giant Magazine editor-in-cheif Emil Wilbekin. Caps-lock blog rebuttal in 3...2... [E!]

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1 Response

  1. These damn D'Angelo rumours!!
    Speaking of those on the missing list where is Bilal???
    OK so he featured on a couple of albums this year (88 Keys, Erykah Badu, Solange) but when are we gonna get something from him personally? I know his last album leaked and was shelved (binned?) but surely some label somewhere would sign him! He's massively respected on the soul music scene, even if a label won't sign him he could go the independant route (see Eric Roberson, Musinah, Maiysha).
    OK so rant over .... it's juat that we seem to get an album every 6 months from B.... (not going there!), but the artists who could release something great every 12-18 months are not releasing anything or at best with too long a break.