Morning Soul: Go, Johnny, Go!

  • These days, it seems everyone has their own clothing line. Even...Monica's son?!? [C+D]
  • Beyoncé has signed on to front the latest rumored remake of A Star is Born. (After that, she'll be starring as all three members of Brownstone for their VH1 Behind the Music special.) [BS]
  • Don't all click over at once: Russell Simmons sounds off on dating and race. [NB]
  • Umm, ladies and gentlemen. Introducing the Pharrell Williams *cough* candle collection. [WH]
  • Before getting their house band on, The Roots are inviting their fans to spend New Year's Eve with them in Miami. [OKP]

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3 Responses

  1. Eartha Kitt? Beyonce, c'mon now. Why portray another damn singer? Give somebody else a shot why don't you.
    And why does the logo for Monica's clothing line look like a chicken on a beer can?

  2. I'm not going to bother to read the R. Simmons comment.
    They have been throwing this remake of A Star Is Born around for a while. At one point, Lauryn Hill was considered for the lead. So I guess it 's only natural that Beyonce would be offered the role at this point.

  3. Gosh Beyonce, repetition can be such a snooze...Pharrell and a candle line doesn't sound quite right in the same sentence lol..and i WISH i had the funds to be in Miami during New Year's to 'kick it' with The Roots, a literal dream indeed!