Morning Soul: Life’s Not Over

  • BEHOLD: MTV's "Top Hip Hop Songs of 2008." Stay relevant and classy, ya'll. [TRU]
  • Monica is planning a duet with Keyshia Cole on her next release. I think it's safer for all of us that these two are friends rather than enemies. [BB]
  • Hopefully Doug E. Fresh's new Chicken & Waffles venture will get him out of debt with the IRS and American Express. [NYP]
  • Timbaland is back with Ginuwine, along with Bun B. [AHH]
  • Beyoncé: "I want to open the door for black female entertainers and show them they can do anything." Can and should are two different things, dear. [RWS]
  • Get closer to the Bounce-worthy Alison Carney. [IS]

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6 Responses

  1. Oh you take me back with the Brandy song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord, I loved this song! Thanks 🙂

  2. I was so geeked by the Brandy vid, forgot to comment otherwise. Good to see Tim and Ginuwine back together again. Beyonce's comment....I thought she said portraying Etta was the most emotionally draining of her career? Since when does emotionally draining = 'comfortable'? LOL Maybe she meant the 'singing' part. Oh well. Her work ethic says something; maybe that will inspire the young chirren. I've a feeling that Monica and Keyshia together on a record will have a lot of hollering....but may sound good in the end. LOL

  3. Alison was featured her on soulbounce and I still cant find her CD or any downloads for the sista, somebody help a brotha:)

  4. It makes no sense for Doug E. Fresh to be owing the IRS. He shoulda been getting his T-Pain on. If T-Pain can fake his way to the top by guesting on other artists albums by use of vocoder, then surely there's a market for Doug E.'s use of sound effects on someone's album. Hell, even that dude who makes sound effects with his voice from Police Academy could be working now.

  5. dope site man im loving the layout and that woodgrain background i come all the time but i said let me leave some words of support keep doing what yall do...verb

  6. the KC/Monica song is on KC's new joint. Its not bad. I'm glad Monica is getting back in the studio. I just wish she's make a great album, and not another mediocre one. She needs some stellar production.