A Re-Introduction To Black Milk

Shockingly, there is a small contingent of us that knows absolutely nothing about Black Milk, which is why these fancy Internet videos from Out Da Box TV are so handy. The brief musical history of Milk, which provides a useful motif to the interview, is old hat to me. Co-signs are provided by Skyzoo, Pharoah Monch, and Waajeed--who passionately decrees that we should stop comparing him to Dilla. (Ok, fine. You ain't have to cuss.) The clip clocks in at over sixteen minutes, so get comfortable. If it doesn't make you a fan, at least you are now armed with the knowledge.


3 Responses

  1. Kid is nice with his as a producer but he aint even in Dilla's class. For my money 9th wonder is the best producer alive. As a MC, Black is mad nice I would love to see him and Masta Ace get together and do sumptin. I strongly suggest all you young cats get familar with Black Milk....................

  2. Got familiar with Black Milk's sound last year , keep making great music and tight beats , one love from the Chi .

  3. I got a woody looking at him...he's cute!