Scarface and Bilal ‘Can’t Get Right’

It seems like in this post-election, pre-inauguration moment every piece of cultural critique or reflection elicits mixed reaction. In our eager anticipation of change, it's difficult to look at ongoing social injustice and discontent without feeling taken back to the deflated anxiety of a month ago. And watching the video for Scarface's "Cant Get Right" (featuring Bilal) straightforwardly hints at the ultimate bittersweetness of these times. For all of our progress, politicians still lie, people still hurt and many are as hunkered into the harshness of this moment as fervently as ever. Scenes of protest, arrest, and war inter-cut with Scarface dying as an emergency team futilely tries to resuscitate him (they lose the battle just after we see images from Obama's victory rally) are as conflicting as being hopeful in the face of fleeting and selective progresses elsewhere. [OKP]

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3 Responses

  1. thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Saw the video online yesterday and knew you guys would be getting around to posting it soon. Good lookin' out!

  3. This is such a dope video. I've been watching it on his MySpace page over and over again. I heard tracks his page too that were hot.