Some Auto-Tune We Can Get With

roger_troutman_cover.jpgAnytime there is oversaturation of one particular thing in a culture, whether good or bad, there will exist a balancing force to reinstitute the equilibrium. In other words, too much Yang (think studio gangsta rappers) will inevitably bring an opposite Yin force (think hipster rap). Is it any surprise then that the unrelentless use of Auto-Tune into something Roger Troutman would barely recognize has caused a backlash by members of the Hip Hop community? Not all. Peep one of our favorite takes on the Auto-Tune phenomenon, from the Death of Auto-Tune album, a remake of A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation" by Roger Riley & Teddy Troutman. Yes, you read that correctly. 

Roger Riley & Teddy Troutman: "Electric Relaxation"

As if Phife's reimagined high-pitched Auto-Tuned voice wasn't enough, take a gander at the video below by B.o.B., a song simply titled "Auto Tune" whose lyrics include: 

Well I was in the studio/
But I couldn't hit the notes/
I could've got a vocal coach/
But I ain't want no vocal coach/
Then someone showed me this plug-in/
So you can't hear the notes I miss/ 
So I don't need no vocalist/ 
And now i got an instant hit 

At least we can say that we totally saw this one coming. Hopefully, more spoofs like these will mean the end of Auto-Tune as we have come to loathe it real, real soon. [IR/RIK]

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7 Responses

  1. I swear I cringe whenever I hear an Autotune track. That video is funny as hell though.

  2. I actually dig this joint, where can I buy the LP?

  3. Not to be a stickler....but what the hell. Here goes.
    We know a vocoder is an actual instrument interface. Either a tube coming from a amped sound source (guitar, keyboardvetc etc) Think Peter Frampton early Stevie. Or the synthesizer to microphone interface in the 80's ( Roger, Teddy) You can play chords and manipulate the sound better.
    AUTO TUNE used to refer to a program that took an actual singing track with mistakes ( flat pitch, sharp pitch, bad vibrato) and automatically fix it after a take. Its nice when you are fixing one minor mistake by Toni Braxton on a killer lead track. Bad when Britney Spears whole album is computer corrected. Now people sing DIRECTLY in to it. But you still need to be "close to the right pitch"
    I say that to point out that it still takes some level of actual singing to use. I couldnt even listen to the Tribe track. (maybe later) It sounds like the cheap electric mic you can by at Toys r Us.
    The only thing worse than singing auto tune. Is "rapping" auto tune.


  5. Alright alright!! I can get wit that.

  6. Haha...classic! I've been bumping this for the past two weeks now, after copping it from This is an example of Auto-Tune Gone Wild, had it been as popular when these songs where first recorded. The original spirit of these classics has been completely ruined but I love the concept. Even if it is hard on the ears, it's still hilarious!