SoulBounce’s Top 20 Albums of 2008


Nuff said.

Well actually, there's always more to be said about music as far as SoulBounce is concerned, but since it's New Year's Eve we'll spare you from anything long and drawn out. If you've been following SB for any length of time, then none of the albums contained in our Top 20 should come as a surprise. Many have been reviewed or the artists themselves discussed over the past year throughout the pages of this web site. Needless to say, it's been a damn good year for soul and hip hop, and your SoulBounce Editors wanted to recognize these albums, aside from the Album of the Year,  for their contributions to the goodness.

For extra added fun try to match up each row of albums with the editor that chose them. Leave your mark in the comments and also let us know what albums made your "Best Of" lists.

Here's to a soulful 2009! Cheers!

Row 1:
Erykah Badu: New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War
Black Spade: To Serve With Love
Little Dragon: Little Dragon
Coultrain: The Adventures of Seymour Liberty

Row 2:
Jazmine Sullivan: Fearless
Raphael Saadiq: The Way I See It
Lalah Hathaway: Self Portrait
Estelle: Shine

Row 3:
N*E*R*D: Seeing Sounds
Elzhi: The Preface
Black Milk: Tronic
Q-Tip: The Renaissance

Row 4:
S1: Strange Fruit Project Presents: S1 Music Box
Janelle Monáe: Metropolis: The Chase Suite
The Roots: Rising Down
J*DaVeY: Beauty in the Distortion/Land of the Lost

Row 5:
Eric Benét: Love & Life
Jazzanova: Of All the Things
Reel People: Seven Ways to Wonder
The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind

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24 Responses

  1. I actually own all of row 2 and at least 2 of each of the other rows. Thanks soulbounce for keeping me entertained, informed and educated this year. I appreciate it.

  2. Now I got 18 cds I need to check out!!

  3. I only agree with about 25% of the list. You need to add more international and underground artists, like Monday Michiru, Quasimode and Indigo Jam Unit!

  4. @Hamato That's nice. Please inform us when you get your own blog so that we can tell you what you need on there.

  5. Lol at Butta's comment. I have found out about so many artists I didn't know about through Soulbounce this year. Thank you all for covering good music that's often overlooked by radio/mainstream. My favorites this year were Raheem Devaughn's LBTM, Q Tip's The Renaissance, Janelle Monae, and even though it came out Dec 07 Lupe Fiasco's The Cool.

  6. @Hamato Maybe this is why the post is called "SoulBounce's Top 20 Albums of 2008" and not "Hamato's Top 20 Albums of 2008." This isn't either.. Anyway, this is a great list. I own 7 of these album's and heard a few of the rest. Definitely some good music.

  7. Not a bad list...Oh yeah my bad Happy New Year to all my peoples. That said hopefully this year wont be like last yeah SoulBounce, I am tired of breaking up and making up with ya'll:) I better not see another Erykah Badu album listed as being one of the best much less any good on this site. Sides for that we gonna get alone like ham hocks and collard greens:)

  8. Great list! I've got 17/20 of these; better cop the other three soon.

  9. Hey I just wanted to give a shout out for my personal favorite of 2008, Timeline by Nicolay and Kay.
    Thanks for the list, I visit this site often to find reviews, so it's nice to have it all in one place! I will take a second look at all of these albums, cheers~

  10. I like the list and I personally would have loved the long and drawn out. Yall, have excellent reviews!

  11. I'd love to match up the rows with the editors, but I would fail miserably. Dope list though. (And Little Dragon's album is from '07)

  12. Intriguing list. I was unimpressed with Estelle and Janelle, a shade to derivative for my tastes. I completely disagree about Foreign Exchange, that album sounded like really well crafted musack to me. And I love me some D-Brock and Yahzarah, but that album truly bored me to tears. But nice to see Jazmine, Erykah and Black Milk on the list. They made my list as well.
    I put together lists as well:
    Stuff I didn't like and Best Videos:

  13. Great list! I'd like to show my love for Jean Grae's "Jeanius".
    Thaks for all the good music you introduced me!....and Happy New Year for everyone!

  14. OK, i'll try to guess...
    Row 1: Ro or ill mami
    Row 2: Harlem
    Row 3: nOva
    Row 4: Ro or ill mami
    Row 5: Butta

  15. Let me start by saying that I have 10/20 of these CDs. The only gripe that I have is that Raheem DeVaughn's "Love Behind the Melody" was not included on this list! Granted the album was released almost a year ago, maybe that's the reason it was excluded. Overall some very good pics. Keep up the good work soulbounce!!

  16. I have 13 out of the 20 listed ... some great picks!
    If 2009 is half as good i'll be happy. Looking forward to: Tawiah, Laura Izibor, Chrisette Michele, Janelle Monae & Litttle Dragon!
    Happy (belated) New Year

  17. row 5 is butta, 4 is ro, 3 is nova...2 and 1 I'm not sure about between mami and harlem. but I'ma guess 1 for mami and 2 for harlem.

  18. I only have 8/20 of these albums. Im a failure. I have some more music to listen to. But I love love loooooooove the love yall are howing Phonte and Nicolay. Daykeeper is easily my favorite song of 2008, it blew it away from the first time I listened to it. Thanks so much for being my music guide, Soulbounce.

  19. Im surprised you don't have more real independent artists on this list. I kind of was hoping you would instead of a list of what I feel are d-list efforts by so and so styled artists. People are counting on you out here

  20. Excuse me but WHERE is John Legend's Evolver?! OK, i'm not objective, i love the man 😉
    anyway, i have only five of these....but i ordered The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind!

  21. Yo that's weird men , no john legend !
    he's is the man !
    check out his new song @

  22. Wait a minute... MINT CONDITION'S "E-LIFE" DOESN'T EVEN GET MENTIONED?!!?!?!??

  23. I'm working on being nicer in '09 so I'll ignore some of the fuggery below...this time.
    Row 1 - Ill Mami (cause we gets down for Badu like that!)
    Row 2-Harlem
    Row 3 - Nova (Black Milk and Tip of course!)
    Row 4-Ro
    Row 5- Butta (wonders if the other Eric in her life is getting jealous at how hard she stanned for L&L)
    Twas easy if ya'll have been listening!

  24. YOU CANNOT LEAVE OUT SANTOGOLD!!! She KILLED the scene and got NO LOVE in '08. An Undisputed Talent