Video: N*E*R*D ‘Sooner or Later’

The third single from N*E*R*D's Seeing Sounds is the track "Sooner or Later," and the video has just been released. In the clip, Pharrell, Chad and Shay play janitors cleaning up the mess in the midst of the stock market crashing. Scenes of the group performing the song are mixed in alongside Zune and Ciroc vodka product placements. The video ends on a high note when we see that all is not lost and the stock market miraculously rebounds. If only it were that easy and achievable in four minutes.


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5 Responses

  1. They really should have banged out a vid for "You Know What" instead. I wish I could pick the singles.

  2. @Rocka: Agreed x100.

  3. Nice vid, I agree with the single choice though, hopefully 'you know what' is going to be lined up somewhere down the road.

  4. I LOVE this video! I may be among the minority, but Sooner or Later was instantly one of my favorite tracks off of Seeing Sounds. Commecting this song to the Wall St. crash was fabo! It's clever, more than I can say for most of the crap that's being turned out these days.
    I'm dying to see a Lovebomb video.

  5. I love this video. The music is so appealing.