Which of These Tracks Passes the SoulBounce Sniff Test?

Here's another batch of tracks that require your critical ear and relentless fury. First is Q-Tip's "Evolution of A Man" featuring Al Kapone from the Cadillac Records soundtrack. I'm sad to admit that Nas freaked this sample a little better, and that Swizz Beatz-sounding chant wore out its welcome eons ago. Loving Tip's vocals, as usual </stannery>. Next is Charles Hamilton who STAYS in the studio with "The North Pole" featuring Max B. Jury's still out on this fellow. Then we have Colin Munroe's "Piano Lessons" featuring Joell Ortiz, produced by Black Milk from his Unsung Hero mixtape. Finally, and I'm stepping way out there with this one, is a remix of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies", produced by the legendary King Britt. Only, this doesn't sound like the King Britt I came up with. I'm hoping I got some bad intel. [SM/FADER/IR/WL]

Q-Tip feat. Al Kapone: "Evolution of A Man"

Charles Hamilton feat. Max B: "The North Pole"

Colin Munroe feat. Joell Ortiz: "Piano Lessons"

Beyoncé: "Single Ladies (King Britt Remix)"

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11 Responses

  1. I aint really feeling the Q-Tip joint which is strange since I usually dig everything he drops, however Nas used this same sample in bridging the gap a fewe albums ago, the Charles Hamilton joint is a dill pickle with a peppermingt inside (meaning it's all good) this cat needs to drop a full LP with the quickness. The other two songs are cutting room material.

  2. is King Brit serious? you shoulda contacted him on that to verify before you put his name on that wackness. It was all off beat-- The beginning sounded it would be some otherworldly ish, but that's only if the other world has NO rythym- ugh!

  3. This Colin Munroe mixtape is pretty friggin' good, I gotta say...
    I was skeptical at first but I've been bumpin' it for the past two days. The featured artists got me interested initially but this dude is pretty interesting and I like that he produced most of it himself. Not bad Colin,

  4. Colin Munroe is fresh. i'm glad that he's getting a lot of love here. he's not on some corny stuff . . . he's talented, and he's authentic.

  5. The beginning of the Beyonce remix is tight, but then... damn.

  6. wow king britt musta been high cause thats SUX

  7. No, never, negative and not.
    That is all.

  8. Why is Sonic the Hedgehog up there lol? I can't figure out why lol.
    I LOVE the Beyonce remix, no joke (and I usually don't care for her music). The vocals are on the beat, it's just the chorus starts on the 2nd beat instead of the 1st (ex.: the song is in 4/4 count, usually pop/rhythmic song vocals start slightly before or right on the 1st beat).

    • Q-Tip: *shrug* Wasn't mad until the hook deaded it.
      This Charles Hamilton joint... hot beat. But why did they get The Short Bus Boys Chorus to sing on it? WTF????!!!?
      I'm digging Colin Munroe. He kills Tip's "Fever" on his mixtape.
      The King Britt joint... a fat check I presume. Whole different target audience.


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