Who Do You Want To Record A Christmas Album?


With Christmas less than a week away, it's high time for any music lover worth their weight in egg nog to be knee deep in Christmas music right about now. But as you're organizing your Holiday Hotness playlists you may have noticed that some of your favorite artists are missing. With that in mind, we posed the question to SoulBounce's circle of family and friends about who they want to record a Christmas album. Check out their responses after the bounce, then leave your two cents in the comments.


The Foreign Exchange and Friends - Digital Mistletoe
think this would be a hip hop/soul naturalist's dream. Imagine
Phonte's take on Christmas on the road. Perhaps Muhsinah singing about
orphaned children waiting for their gifts in the Toys for Tots line.
Yahzarah capturing the essence of a winter getaway with her boo. Darien
proposing to Carlita Durand on Christmas Eve (in song).
Rapper Big Pooh choosing family over dough during the holidays...all
over infectious Nicolay beats.

Hidden Beach  - Unwrapped Christmas
The soul music
genre have their urban reflections on the holidays (e.g., This
Christmas, Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto, etc.). Take those
classic tunes and hand them over to Mike Phillips and the crew over at
Hidden Beach. I'd add some new classics to the mix like TLC's "Sleigh
Ride" and Boyz II Men's "Let It Snow." Funky interpretations through
live instrumentation would be the jump off.

Gnarls Barkley - Sugar Cookie Crumbs
the son of two preachers, I'm sure Cee-Lo would have a funkdafied
perspective on the true meaning of Christmas and Danger Mouse is just
pure genius. If anything, we could get a photo shoot of DM as an
anorexic Santa and Cee-Lo dressed as the Gingerbread Man.


There are three artists who I would love to receive a musical gift in my stocking from: Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and Jill Scott.
MJB has one or two holiday songs floating around from various projects,
but she just needs to go ahead and bless us with a full-length
Christmas disc. She could bring some much needed hip hop soul flavor to
the holiday. Trying to get a Christmas album from Maxwell may be an
exercise in futility, but in the event that he one day decides to make
one then he would solidify his position as a soul man for all seasons.
I would love to hear what magic he would make on "Silent Night."
And if Jill were to create a Christmas album, it would have to be a for
lover's only affair. We need more holiday-themed love songs. Who says that Christmas can't be sexy?


Tonex. With this musical genius behind the boards and going from bass
to soprano on the mic, Christmas would never be the same again.

ill Mami:

There seem to be alot of off-kilter artists doing holiday albums
lately, Peanut Butter Wolf's album from last year being an example of
one I liked. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the off-the-radar newer
school artists doing some songs for a compilation. Jesse Boykins III,
Omar or Muhsinah, for example. I would love to see what Phonte could do to "This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway whether it be a soul version or hip hop. In the meantime, I just listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas because the music is so amazing to listen to at this time of year.


I'd love to hear an duet album with Raphael Saadiq and Amel Larrieux.
This paring stems entirely from a fantasy I had the other day during
which I envisioned them covering "Baby It's Cold Outside." On this
album they would cover simple orchestrations of both secular and
religious holiday standards. I think that together their voices would
sound really warm and inviting but also interesting and unexpected
enough to give a different life to some of the classics.

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15 Responses

  1. I'd like to see Erro put out a Christmas album.

  2. Tony Momrelle.

  3. I'd like to hear Choklate do an album in this vein. Can you imagine her on a "What Do The Lonely Do, At Christmas" remake. Add Phonte in the mix on adlibs plus 8 bars each by him & Big Pooh. Oh, and throw either Khrysis or Nicolay on production to round it out. I think that would be ill...

  4. I think Foreign Exchange could best capture that magical vibe about the holidays without it sounding all cookie cuttery. "Leave It All Behind" has proven that they are among the few ultimate mood setters in music today. The ''creamyness'' of Nicolay's soulful beats with Phonte, Darien, Yahzarah, Musinah's harmonies. Mmmm. Like warming up infront of a fireplace with a cup of nog. So good.
    By the way, this is sorta off topic (not really), but have you guys caught wind of The Beast feat. Yahzarah's "Be Alright?"
    HOT joint:

  5. i'd buy an Amel Larrieux holiday album in a heartbeat. i think Mary definitely has one in her as well. i'm actually shocked that she hasn't done one yet. i think Anthony Hamilton could make a classic holiday album as well.

  6. Love Maxwell, but even the thought of him doing a Christmas album makes me cringe. Doesn't seem like a natural fit at all.

  7. Having Phonte do a Christmas album is 'okay', but you know what would be better?
    I know that Phonte retired the "Percy Miracles" character a long time ago, but to hell with it! The world needs a PERCY MIRACLES CHRISTMAS ALBUM!

  8. I def agree on a Mary J. Christmas album.
    Amel Larrieux's voice would be perfect on "Little Drummer Boy" or "Silent Night". Also, for some reason, I hear her singing a holiday duet w/ John Legend...

  9. Avatar

    For some reason I'm not a huge fan of Christmas albums, with the exception of given classics from Boyz II Men, Donny Hathaway and a few others, but I'd be all over an Anthony Hamilton or Jill Scott Christmas record..Speaking of Donny Hathaway, does anyone know if Lalah ever did a rendition of This Christmas?? I'd LOVE to hear her spin on that..

  10. D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq!

  11. Amel would actually be perfect for me. Ms. Scott wouldn't be a bad look either. And Anthony Hamilton hardly ever misses.
    So far the only holiday full albums I've really felt were The Isley Bros. and Faith. The Musiq one for Target is hard to listen to... I'd like to hear John Legend actually. I know he has that NBC Sounds of The Season joint but I think if he could put more effort into something he could have a classic on his hands.

  12. Frank McComb...Frank McComb and dare I say again... FRANK MCCOMB!

  13. Butta, what holiday songs does Mary J have out?

  14. @Jaron
    MJB has Christmas songs on A Very Special Christmas Live and A Very Special Christmas 3. She also did a recording of Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas.

  15. I would like to see Eric Roberson or Liv Warfield!!! NICE!!