Chrisette Michele Has An ‘Epiphany’ & So Do We


Chrisette Michele has steadily and surely been staking her claim as the talented songstress that she is in the R&B game. Able to bring style and class to any song she graces, she has helped to elevate Hip Hop tracks by notable artists such as Nas, Jay-Z, and The Roots by singing the hooks of these songs with an effortless ease. Chrisette's new track "Epiphany" demonstrates her ability to create a solemn, heart-wrenching track, but does it stand up to the exacting standards of your friendly SoulBounce editors, ill Mami and Ro? Peep the track below, then check our commentary.
Chrisette Michele: "Epiphany"

ill Mami: OK, so this is the new Chrisette Michele song. Sounds pretty good so far. I like the piano.   

ro: I do, too. The intro is definitely strong.
ill Mami: The breathy voice is nice. The intro is nice, too, then something happens once she starts singing.   
ro: Right. 
ill Mami: It's getting worse.   
ro: Also, I don't know if this is an "epiphany" as much as it is a slow realization. Sounds like dude has been steady wronging her. 
ill Mami: Totally. My only analogy is like when you see someone with a nice hairdo and you realize it's a lace front wig. It seems real but then there's such a let down. Plus, I don't think sadness fits her. I like her sounding happier.
ro: I do, too. 
ill Mami: In that sense she's the anti-Mary J. Blige. This refrain is annoying now: "I'm leaving." So go! LOL 
ro: RIGHT. Just about over? Just about? How many times, girl? 
ill Mami: OMG! this song needs to be "over" like she keeps on singing over and over again.
ro: Um. Girl, bye!   
ill Mami: Okay. Let's reassess.   
ro: LOL Yes, lets.
ill Mami: In one word, this song was lazy. 
ro: In a word? boring 
ill Mami: YES! 
ro: Titling this song "Epiphany" was misleading.   
ill Mami: YES! Again I mean if you're going to use a big SAT word at least make it worth your while. What epiphany was had? Just because you said it doesn't mean you really had one. 
ro: It's like she had the epiphany months ago, and is now just getting around to acting on it. S l o w. 
ill Mami: Yeah, like you had no epiphany at all. Basically I need for her to go back to the studio and redo this one. It could be better.   
ro: Like you said earlier the sadness just doesn't suit her. For some reason it comes off so mildly. Blandly, even. 
ill Mami: Exactly. And like I said, it's just lazy. It looks like we had an epiphany ourselves that we should not listen to this song ever again. 
ro: For real. I think I'm just about over this song. Wait. OK. Now, I'm over it. I think. 
ill Mami: Hahaha!

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23 Responses

  1. Disagree. But cute commentary.

  2. First of all, I want to thank Soulbounce for promoting REAL music, because REAL music does not get much press these days. Now, ill Mami... You trash Chrisette's new track but praise Ryan Leslie's latest? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Chrisette's newest track is BEAUTIFUL I tell you, BEAUTIFUL. Ryan's track on the other hand, is for the birds (TRASH). Get ya ears checked baby, cuz apparently, ya hearing is off.

  3. It just sounds under-developed, like a track they're still working out. I hope that's what it is...I pray the producers don't consider this a finished this is like the rough cut, right? Right? OMG! They actually think this song is F*#$ing done! Why, Chrisette, oh why did you make my love affair with your music, over?

  4. I'm with Vivrant thing on this one ladies ... I like the track. OK it's not THE BEST song ever but she sounds good on it. I do agree that i prefer her singin 'happy' songs and i hope she's not gonna steer too far from 'I Am'. The inclusion of NeYo makes me slightly wary, I hope he aint gonna 'mainstream' her sound!

  5. Avatar

    Good Track (props to the producer) ,trite Lyrics, bad execution = Wont be going on my Ipod anytime soon...

  6. She can do better; it's just all right

  7. I felt the exact same way when I heard it for the first time. When it began, I thought, "Chrisette has done it again"...but then it got really drony and I had to turn it off.

  8. i'm still trying to recover from the lace front wig analogy. that was genius.

  9. I LOVE THIS CHICK!!!! I love this song too. Good Job Chris- I'd bump it
    BTW: This is my new favorite website for music - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  10. This song makes me nervous about the CD. I really appreciated her songs about grown up love. Not the same old pissed off girlfriend songs everyone and their sister sings.
    I'm in no rush to put this on the ipod at all.

  11. Epiphany isn't always about surpise or suddenness. In that sense, this song conveys the emotion beautifully. Y'all are crazy!

  12. It is okay. If some of the music that is out now is okay, then she definitely has a chance.

  13. The song is not bad, although I am kinda tired of the Ne-Yo sound. A lot of his songs/production is starting to sound the same.

  14. her Epiphany should be to revisit this song. It is missing a bridge that leads us to her epiphany.. Not just sitting with her on her couch watching TV. She should leave this song on the couch and have another epiphany! Stop being lazy, Ms. Chrisette.. Your stans are needing big things!! This is not something that would move me to purchase the cd or a tour ticket.. Remixit or something..ll mami and ro are right on! sorry, vivrant thing...

  15. I don't like that weird huffy, breathing, blowing sound playing in the background throughout the entire song. IDK, like, blowing into a coke bottle? Other than that (and the redundant "I'm leaving" s) this song is "okay". I'm waiting for a Chrisette original. Is that too much to ask?

  16. wow.
    I really like this and now I'm anticipating her upcoming release.
    This doesn't sound like a sad song at all. Sounds like she understands that it isn't working, and she's ready to move on. How does that = sad?
    Thanks for sharing, though.

  17. love the song. i agree with tyler; the defintion of epiphany actually states epiphanies can be triggered by commonplace occurences.
    smooth groove, looking forward to the CD.

  18. Song is average at best, what else ya'll got soulbounce?

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    It was definitely just OK to me. Not a bad track at all, just a tad watered down conceptually from what we got on I Am , but I guess not every song has to be a blow out. I still look forward to what her next album has in store because the game definitely needs her. The first album was such a breath of fresh air to me and hope the second is as well!

  20. I'm trying really very hard not to let the fact that Ne-Yo is attached to this colour my judgment on this track. I can't stand him!!!
    Anyway, it wasn't bad. Perhaps it will sound better once it's done and the source material is higher quality.
    I hope Ne-Yo isn't all through her new album. Why can't these artists stick to one or two producers that work well with them in the first place, instead of running to some fly-by-night flavour-of-the-moment producer(s)?

  21. You'll need more people that song was pretty cool. I liked it...nto as an opening song...but I liked it

  22. it's not lazy. it's one thing to be over someone and be sad about it or do so begrudgedly(sp) but to leave and be happy and at peace about it is another. that's what this song's about. it's like an un-Ne-yo'd "to the left to the left". what made that song so good is that Beyonce sounded so happy and un-bitter in it like how Chrisette sounds. Break-up songs are always better than love songs and the upbeat break-up is a nice new spin on it. i don't think it's's kind of short in length but not lazy. knowing you should leave is one thing but actually leaving is another-hence an epiphany.

  23. I love it!!