Don’t Blame JD For How ‘Discipline’ Turned Out

You know what they say--what don't come out in the wash will damn sure come out in the rinse! Now that Jermaine Dupri no longer holds an executive position at Def Jam (better for both parties, IMO), the Discipline Wars are naturally heating up again. Did Def Jam and Dupri part ways because of the way Janet's album was received? Or did L.A. Reid place JD into an impossible situation? To hear JD tell it (to Essence) the former half of LaFace's hands were deep into Discipline's execution:

He chased her because he wanted to get her on the label so bad, and when things didn't go right he had a scapegoat for her whole album [not doing well]-me. But what people don't know is that Janet's whole album was designed and made by him. He picked every song. I produced two songs on the entire album. I had a better track record with her at Virgin.

Hmm, we thought he did a total of 5 tracks. Oh well! Vote for who screwed up Discipline after the bounce!

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4 Responses

  1. I dont blame dupree or face, I blame Janet, it's her career now all of a sudden she doesnt have a voice to speak up? stop playing the victim Janet. We all know Dupree needs a hit worser then Nelly does:) maybe he will bring out another young act, those seem to be the only acts he can break main stream now adays

  2. I love Janet, and while I don't completely blame her, I feel she could've done more, and could've said more to prevent this whole fiasco.

  3. i think one of the biggest mistakes was for Janet to do ZERO writing. how do you write (or co-write) 90% of your material during the best part of your career ("Control" through "All for You") and then abandon it? if that was L.A. Reid's idea, then he is a moron. while i love "Discipline" for what it is, i believe it would have been a better project had there been no such creative surrender. it was always nice knowing that Janet was so involved in the writing and the overall direction of her albums. not to say she should necessarily run back to Jimmy & Terry, but at least have more creative input, regardless of who she works with in the future.

  4. I agree with Dar. Regardless of who did what, there were some songs that could've been sold better. More promotion, better video concepts and Janet's desire to sell the record could've made a difference. Still liked Discipline better than MOST pop releases in 2008, though...