How Does It Feel (To Exercise Extreme Patience)?

danmaxobamacon.jpgIt's still taking us a while to process this bit of info about D'Angelo's forthcoming James River, mainly the part about it being "forthcoming." I mean, c'mon, part of D'Angelo's mystique as an artist is his unfaltering ability to not release this album. Additionally, the non-existence of James River has become a fact of life for us, much in the same manner as the Jodeci reunion we started hearing about a decade ago, and Dre's Detox. Give us something to bitch about--don't release it!

But, to put the cynic aside for a moment, we kind of need this album. Although not a spring chicken, D'Angelo possesses enough cool (I refuse to call it "swag") to ether all these youngins bopping around like they have ants in their draws. There really aren't enough grown male voices in R&B right now and the genre is suffering for it. Add to that the fact that Prince, Raphael Saadiq and Roy Hargrove are involved and you have what could amount to R&B's answer to Q-Tip's Renaissance.

I get really excited when I think about it, almost to the point of exceeding (this is D'Angelo we're talking about). Then I remember that this has been "in development" for about three years. Then I think about the OTHER ONE and remember why we created this category in the first place.

Behold this video of "R&B's Jesus" as we remember him, and get used to him being fine again since he's allegedly back in fantastic shape.

D'Angelo Plots Prince Collab, Spring Tour [BB]
D'Angelo [Official][Myspace]

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  1. I get even anxious just reading this! D would seriously ether these young fools out there that think they can sing...REAL bad. Not to mention WITH Maxwell? Game over.
    Fingers crossed for the rumours of D to be true and for Maxwell to drop the album this year!

  2. I could really care less if D'angelo EVER releases another album, same for Dre (the rumored tracks I have heard from detox are trash). I cant front I would like new Jodeci album, somebody get K-Ci into rehab:-)

  3. Hopefully D'Angelo's Cd will be so good that he will be able to age, gain weight, marry and divorce multiple times, have a team of chillun' and loose his hair.
    We need artists that good for what is next to come in this world.

  4. Loving the title of D'Angelo's album; can't wait. Can't wait for Maxwell's new one, either.

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    I'm with Stoney all day. New Jodeci Album, 14-18 tracks , not including interludes, a sober coherent, driven Devante producing all of it. Maybe a Dalvin track for good measure. K-Ci and Jo-Jo, no smoking, only a little drinking. Remake and revamp older songs that were written years ago. Write some new stuff. No auto-tune, no guest producers or rappers (let Dalvin do that). Stay in the studio till its done, let Tony Maserati mix it, and no extremely loud mastering. = Classic

  6. I'm excited about both of their returns...I'm sure whatever D'Angelo and Max drops will be fiyah. In agreement with another Jodeci album.

  7. Never much cared for D, man. Man mumbles through a song in a way that bores me to tears. That said, like other overlauded artists in his lane (Jill Scott, to name the most obvious), a release is worth listening to. If only because at least there's artistry in there somewhere.

  8. If D brings it, I'll buy it..if he brings it hard.....
    Mutada- LOVE what you wrote about a new Jodeci realease...if all those elements could come would be so AWESOME!!!

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    D's first album was fire. SDM, and the singles were great. He was pretty young at the time too. And with the exception of "how does it feel", "untitled" (easily the best Prince song that prince never wrote since "Oh Sheila".. The second album got little play round these parts. No comment on Maxwell, never heard anything but the singles and only when my girl was in the car,. Wow Tyler, I thought I was then only one who thought Jill Scotts music fails to live up to her persona among the "soul music types". It gets so bad amongst some of her fans that you cant even critique one of her songs. They took that early endorsement by Quincy Jones and ran with it. He to (Quincy) "fell from grace" a tad in my eyes when, I got first hand accounts of how the session musicians were doing the majority of the MJ records.

  10. I kinda gave up on Jodeci a while ago, but if they did it, I'd be there in a minute.
    D and M, please just RELEASE SOMETHING ALREADY. Your fans are waiting! With bated breath!
    I haven't bought a cd in years, but for D and M - hells yeah, I would.

  11. Oh I really hope D doesn't let me down another year...his slot is still open; nobody can fill his shoes. I don't care about what he comes back lookin like, just as long as he comes back!
    As for Maxie, I saw him last year so I KNOW he still looks and sounds amazing.
    These are two albums that I can't wait to pick up! An album from Bilal and 2009 will officially be the best year ever!

  12. I know people are entitled to their opinions and all. But sometimes, you just have to wonder...
    In any event, I really feel like we'll see something from D'Angelo this year. Tip has spoken and so I believe.
    As for Maxie, I'm far more skeptical about seeing something from him this year for some reason. He made that tour money and may be like "Ha Ha bidges!"
    If you're reading this Maxie, don't do us like that.

  13. Maxwell said the album would drop summer or spring. I definetely don't believe he'd ever do his fans like that. Dude's too humble.
    I'm soooo ready to hear some new music from D. Voodoo + Brown Sugar = classics. Just have to listen.

  14. *trying not to be shocked and appalled by some of the comments*
    If D'Angelo comes out with anything sounding like he used auto tune or a vocoder...I quit.
    The two songs that Maxwell presented to us while on tour have had my heart racing since October. Wish he'd hurry the hell up!

  15. Oh, the Emperor's New Clothes second coming; who cares?
    How long can you trade on long past (and not really that substantial in the first place), glories.
    I love "Be Thankful for What You Got" but I'm not breathlessly awaiting the return of William DeVaughan...
    I'm getting tired of being told about the genius of "artists" (and yes, I include Jill too, what IS that all about? When will she live up to her rep?), to find that most of their work (which, like a damn fool, I then buy), completely fails to live up to the rhetoric.
    Relative obscurity is no guarantee of quality, ask my wallet.

  16. All I have to say is thank you NOVA for not using "Swagga"

  17. some of the discussions lately are killing me softly.
    we don't have to defend D'Angelo and Maxwell (or Jill Scott or Raphael Saadiq, for that matter). these are some of the artists who almost without question, belong on the top shelf of our proverbial cd racks. to use a sports cliche, these are future Hall of Famers . . . a real or perceived misstep from any of the aforementioned people is still ten times better than most of this new mainstream stuff. i don't really mind that it's taking D and Max a while to come back out, because based on their track record, i know it's going to be nothing but quality when it DOES arrive. Maxwell's show killed any doubt i may have had about him, and the sheer mention of the people involved with D's "James River" calms me, coupled with the fact that he seems to be on the right track in his personal life. however, i understand that people are hungry.
    what's silly to me is entertaining the idea that Jodeci will (or even should) put out a new album. i have the strong suspicion that no one in that group is financially, emotionally, mentally or perhaps even physically ready to order an Extra Value Meal, let alone put out a record that any of us would be pleased to hear. i'm just saying! the evidence is there. when is the last time anyone even saw Mr. Dalvin or Devante? and who WANTS to see or hear from K-Ci & Jo-Jo after all their maddening antics? we should praying for Jodeci's individual well-being above all else.

  18. D is a true musician and if he can endure the daunting task of putting down the ribs and picking up the weights, I'm sure that discipline will catapult him back into the hands of musical excellence. Mumbled my ass, that dude can come out the bag at the most opportune times on a track...that's his style + I challenge u 2 put on a D'Angelo song RIGHT NOW and see how it stands up 2 the hotmessedness that's out in the media today.
    As for the light-skinned one, I was never a hardcore fan but I respect his hustle. Icon? Notsomuch. I do feel that his new release will dominate his demographic, although I'm not a part of it.
    What amazes me is how our TRUE music heroes from Chess, Motown, Philly International, et al had to crank out ALBUMS over YEARS to be respected in the game - while our microwaved hyperculture wants to crystallize these untested newcomers with catalouges that can barely fill 1% of an ipod shuffle. Get at me in 10 years and tell me about our "current" heroes in soul music.

  19. Fave, you hit the nail on the head with that last paragraph.

  20. I love Maxwell, probably my favorite vocalist. Caught a show on the tour and it was fantastic. But I am really not losing sleep over the album release. It would be great to have some new tunes from him, but for whatever reason, he hasn't been ready...I know some folks have been steady keeping an eye on release dates, honestly I never kept track and I think its all for the better. Id rather be pleasantly surprised when something new surfaces, then stay in waiting...
    On another note DAR you killed me on the Jodeci comments 😉 Im in full agreement...


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