Jazmine Sullivan’s Not Afraid of Tigers, At Least

Jazmine Sullivan's "Lions, Tigers & Bears" made the Top 10 Lists of three SoulBounce editors, because it really is a dope, cinematic song. We had no idea she'd go so literal with the execution of the video, however. Yellow Brick Road? Check! Wild tiger/BFF? Check! Ghostly violins? Check check check! The colorful CGI almost dimishes the refreshing nobility of the track, and a little bit of these visuals can go a long way. However, the digital props are used to punctuate the trials and tribulations of the actual human relationships depicted here as well. I'm not mad, but one viewing was enough.


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    One of the best surprises of the year. Fully went into the purchase of this album thinking we had our first Lauren Hill clone on our hands. Boy was I wrong, phenomenal album and this track is a masterpiece.

  2. I actually had a concept for a video for this song when I first heard it. It came to me in a vision (yes, in a vision...stay with me).
    I saw her in a vamp'd up version of the Dorothy outfit, wandering thru a mystical looking forest, full of nyphms, centaurs and other woodland creatures. She'd really be the lone star. She would be frightened and vulnerable, in search of her true love.
    I shoulda pitched it to somebody, cuz this jawn right here is Mighty Corny. Somebody somewhere is doing Jazzy wrong, cuz this release to me is sitting JUST this side of brilliant. As great as the album is, I really expect more.

  3. Oh my. This is a very intimate, vulnerable song. I think the video should have reflected that.

  4. Ummm.... what was that!?!?! I don't how I feel about that video. I absolutely love that song, so maybe I'll just pretend I never saw that. I don't think its was dreadful, but just extremely over the top.

  5. Mutada...couldn't agree more...if you're the same Mutada that posts comments on XXL...then I find myself agreeing with you more times than not.
    But Seriously...why are people still getting billed thousands an hour for CGI when they could do a damn cartoon for less that follows the lyrics interpreted...

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    Hmm...I kinda liked it. The yellow brick road theme was cool, but the violins and lions were over the top for me too--seemed a little corny and amateur, like the director had a good concept that fell flat. Gotta love the record tho!

  7. @ nOva: Yeah this overly literal interpretation was majorly distracting. I found myself closing my eyes so I could just listen to the song.
    And Jazmine + tiger = bffs 4eva. LOL.

  8. I made it to 1:16. Do I win a prize?

  9. This is my fave cut off her album. OK video.

  10. I'm with you PBG, I had an AWESOME treatment for this vid in my head that included her being a superhero being pursued by another (male) hero flying across the world with a black queen of Zamunda and pixie dust with fried chicken and hot sauce angels...*oh well* I'll find someone to listen. . .lol
    I would've settled for a vid of her recording this in the studio with the orchestra...that would have been hotter than this Viewmaster / Fisher Price jump off.

  11. I have been underwhelmed by all of her videos thus far.

  12. I love my fellow Philly diva but this song needed a much better or more thought out video. She is 0-2 in the vido department

  13. What am I missing about this song? The video is corny, but I thought the song was as well?...

  14. Tosh, she has 3 vids.
    I've been sorta disappointed with all of her videos ,but I'm forcing myself to understand who she's being marketed too. The song DEFINITELY can speak to the 30 yr old crowd, but is that who she (or her management) is appealing to? Probably not, which sucks in my opinion. I can see the younger crowd digging this vid and her others, but she's been underwhelming me lately, which makes me cry on the inside because I love me some Jazzy.

  15. Yeah, I feel you Tosh.
    I mean first of all not to nit-pick, but upon hearing this song originally, I felt it should be performed in a lower register. A deeper, slighlty quieter and more thoughtful voice would have blown this song out of the water. Made it a masterpiece, by far. The high register sounds like she's straining toooooo much, and it gets harder to sing and perform.
    But I really dig the song regardless.
    The video on the other hand...c'mon Jaz! I had a million different concepts running through my mind listening to this song, and this video was just boring.
    Wow, so much potential, so little to show for it.