K’Naan’s A ‘Dreamer,’ Likes Line Drawings

"It's okay to have fun," K'Naan reminds us in the new video for the single "Dreamer" on his forthcoming album. Not only is the message of the song a positive one--that even in the most dire struggles it's alright to dream and have a good time--but the video itself is really fun. It's comprised of a series of simply drawn images taken from the lyrics, animating themselves in tandem with the progression of the song. It comes off as a cross between the those "follow the bouncing ball" videos and a digital sketch pad, and it's completely fun to watch. Simple and to the point, but creative enough to keep your attention. [H/T: OKP]


2 Responses

  1. nicely done.
    dude's flow over the ethiopian samples are pure genius though.