Morning Soul: Slicker Than Your Average

  • "Bigger Than The World," an unreleased Justin Timberlake track, leaked online to little fanfare and sparked (obvious) Robin Thicke comparisons. [MTV
  • Amanda Diva addresses the misogynist creep commenters who acted the rapist/fool by staying more classy and dignified than they deserved. [MI]
  • Will the Obamas dance their first dance to Beyoncé? More importantly, will Sasha rock her robo-arm? [CL]
  • Mya set the record straight. I don't know about you all anyone else, but I kinda want to see the DC come out in her. [NB]
  • Now you, too, can own piece of Death Row Records history during their upcoming auction. [WH]

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2 Responses

  1. Scratching my head as to why Beyonce was picked to sing the song for the first dance when Stevie Wonder is the Obama's favorite singer?

  2. Avatar

    Because Tina Knowles worked her sacrificial-blood soaked jerked-chicken ritual to get her daughter with the limited vocabulary as close to the next President as possible.