Morning Soul: Throw Your Hands In the Air If You’re A True Player

  • Faith Evans continues making Lil' Kim look silly. [HHDX]
  • Charli Baltimore wants some of that "look silly" action. (It's kinda tacky to fight over someone that is deceased, right?) [VIBE]
  • Jay-Z has discovered a clever way to compare Beyoncé to Michael Jackson without deluding himself over her talent. [BV]
  • Congrats to expectant mother Jill Scott. [CL]
  • 50 Cent vs. Lil' Wayne. If they both lose, we all win. [DS]
  • "Should retailers sell racist hate music?" [SPIN]

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3 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwww, Jilly from Philly is havin' a little one.

  2. Kim needs to fall back and stop acting like she was the love of biggie's life. I have never read or heard anything to suggest that she was more then just a jump off, none of biggie's people have ever come out to verify that Kim was Biggie's main squeeze. The facts are this, Big married Faith, not Kim or that walking sperm bank Charlie Baltimore. Faith was queen bee as far as I am concerned. Sometimes women think that they hold a higher position then they really do, I think this is what Kim was and this is mos definately what Charlie was. A jump off is just a jumpoff.

  3. Avatar

    Yayyy and God Bless to Jill Scott, she's radiant in that pic!