Morning Soul: Gimme A Beat!

3 Responses

  1. *applauds Phonte*
    Thank you for stating what everyone should be stating!

  2. first of all thanks Phonte, lets see what metrosexual Kanye has to say...Now on to Aaron MacGruder....who in the hell does this kid think he is? you draw cartoons homey, you arent changing the world. And how dare he say that Obama aint "really black" when his complexion is damn near lighter then Obama's. This is just a classic case of that ole crab barrel mentality that has held us back as a people. Mr. MacGruder may not know it yet but you just lost a fan and supporter of your show. As Riley would say " Aaron MacGruder, u gay" 🙂

  3. I think Phonte's comments are justified. He came out as a known rapper and sang on LIAB, ok his voice wasn't perfect but that isn't the point. He put 110% into it and the results speak from themselves. I think Kanye was simply trying too hard to be 'edgy' rather than trying hard to put out a good album. He should stick to what he knows or give us something truly original, not some half-assed attempt.
    ** I know the Kanye rant has been going for ages but up to now I havn't commented **