Morning Soul: It Was All A Dream

  • Is that a piano fashioned from a classic car's hard-top? If you're Prince, then, yes, it is. [LAT]
  • Wondering what's been up with the originator of "The Pee-Wee Herman" song, Joeski Love? Of course you have. [VIMEO]
  • Speaking of classic Hip Hop, see what happens when you "Protect Ya Neck," literally. [YT]
  • In more sobering news, Kanye West has decided he wants to do a nude pictorial to challenge "culture norms." Yeah, um, okay. Good luck with that. [HHDX]
  • And as if things couldn't get more ridiculous, Brian McKnight, T-Boz, and Dennis Rodman have agreed to take part in Celebrity Apprentice. Cannot wait. [EW]

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5 Responses

  1. And if you dont know, now you know:-)
    Biggie Small is the illest of all times!!!!

  2. man, i don't even want to see Kanye with clothes ON . . .
    i am trying to be patient with this dude, but he just keeps making the most inane statements . . . "i want less fans . . ."
    i think i speak for a lot of people when i say "Kanye, i GOT you.

  3. Let's see, T-Boz filed for bankruptcy with TLC, her house went into foreclosure, now she's been cast on season of a show that deals with making money?

  4. i also wanted to ask, what the hell is Kanye West posing nude going to do to positively affect the black community? the hip-hop community? anybody's community? what exactly is he trying to prove by doing that? i don't mean to be so snarky, but seriously: i have never EVER heard anyone (male or female) say this dude is remotely sexy. this whole thing is ridiculous! this dude swears he's always doing something "for the culture," when it seems more like he is striving to advance his own mind-boggling agenda. i don't even think he knows who he is or what he wants anymore. i'm sorry, but Kanye just seems to be unraveling before our very eyes.

  5. Avatar

    I agree, Kanye seems particularly lost these days like a chicken with it's head cutoff. Kanye you are NOT sexy enough. In his defense, he's been through a lot over the past two years, so I'm holding out hope that this is a phase. maybe, maybe not, time will tell. Also I don't like Celebrity Apprentice as much as the original, which I watched faithfully, but I wouldn't mind watching Brian McKnight! Hopefully Dennis Rodman won't act a darn fool.


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