Morning Soul: Rock the Night Away

  • Despite other Soul artists who didn't appreciate Hip Hop artists sampling their songs, Curtis Mayfield was a fan of Public Enemy and Ice T. [HHIR]
  • From the "Nobody Asked You" Files: Will Smith is "open" to playing President Obama on the silver screen. Yay. [HHDX]
  • In similar news, Jim Jones offers his opinion that Notorious B.I.G. was "our first Obama." Sigh. [AN]
  • Wondering when biopics such as Notorious will start having the actors lip-sync to the original music? No time soon. [LAT
  • We didn't forget about you, baby girl. Happy belated birthday, Aaliyah. [FADER]

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5 Responses

  1. Jim Jones is borderline retarded. That or he's just a stoned out weed head, half the shit coming out of his mouth is plain crazy or ignorant. Dude needs rehad, he's turning into the rap version of Amy Winehouse minus the weight lose:-)

  2. Why must Will Smith portray everybody? I'd rather see Harry J. Lennix get a shot at portraying Barack.

  3. Will Smith needs to fall back, next thing you know he's gonna want to play George Bush:) how about letting Obama play Obama, will should focus on his films a little more that 7 pounds was garbage!

  4. Well I mean we really can't be mad at him, the comment wasn't left field they asked President Obama awhile back who he would want to play him and he said well I've talked to him and suggested that bc of the ears it should be Will Smith. It's a joke that they've gone back and forth with over the last few months.
    But on another note, I think Soulrific made a great suggestion, Harry Lennix could potentially be great in that role.

  5. Can we allow the President an opportunity to 'continue' his story before we jump the gun and make a movie??? Hmmm....I can see Will Smith as Obama, though I'm sure there are OTHER talents out there who could work, too. Let' s give them a chance. 🙂