Nicolay Let’s Us Really Know What ‘Pops Said’ to Panacea

nicolay_pancea.jpgOur favorite producer of 2008 is proving, yet again, that he can do no wrong. This remix to Panacea's already solid "Pops Said" takes what sounds like a Bruce Hornby's "The Way It Is" undercurrent and foregrounds it without overshadowing the vocals or coming off too derivative. It's a creative take on an already creative song that comes off like it could not be remixed satisfactorily. Nicolay took some of the more strong-armed elements of the orignal and smoothed them out, like giving the sytnthesized bursts that punctuate the song a place behind the samples. Nicolay and Panacea definitely make a nice team on this fine remix.

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3 Responses

  1. Love it! It's really brilliant and there's nothing more to say.

  2. This extremely hot! I love it! Nicolay is the best of the best.

  3. I love Panacea & the whole album is alternative dopeness. I have to say that my favorite cut is lashback to Stardom (DJ Spinna Remix). You really cannot go wrong with any of the remixes on this joint.