Our Top 5 Guilty Pleasures of 2008

Now that we've done rundowns of all our favorite SoulBouncey releases of 2008, we can "humanize" ourselves with a shocking disclosure: Last year, we also listened to The-Dream, T-Pain, Beyoncé, and a few more cats that otherwise wouldn't meet our daily criteria. None of this was for lack of trying to look the other way, but certain songs just stuck, whether we wanted them to or not.

The-Dream: "She Needs My Love", "Falsetto" & "Ditch That"

Why I should hate it: The-Dream is one of a handful of current music acts responsible for the "robotting" of modern R&B, with his repetition, nasal monotone and writing for a bunch of artists that are either awful or silly (except Mary).
Why I like it: They're so catchy! They kind of remind me of late-era Jodeci. I realize LOVE/HATE officially dropped in the fourth quarter of '07, but it really gained traction last year and monopolized my iPod that Spring. I love the segues and the changes on this album. Don't get it twisted, there are songs I hate on this album, but those three had me open.
Dishonorable Mentions: Lil Wayne "Miss Officer," The Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up," half of Jamie Foxx's Intuition.
Guilty as charged: nOva


Lloyd: "Girls Around The World"
Why I should hate it: Lloyd's high pitched falsetto, the baby hair plastered to his forehead, cornrows on a man over the age of 8 are all tired clichés of so many Pop singers over the past 15 years that are like one huge amalgam of tacky. And Weezy's on it recycling rhymes from Eric B. & Rakim. Ew.
Why I like it: The song samples Slick Rick. Also, the beat features an element of ultimate party jam "Pump Up The Volume" (see B., Eric & Allah, Rakim) from '87. In short, this song is like Justin Timberlake before he wanted to tell us how he was bringing sexy back...and failed. Plus, the video was a nice study in futurism, patent leather, and buff bodies. Lastly, Weezy's on it (see "Why I should hate it"), and his rhyme is actually kind of alright. Sue me. 
Dishonorable mentions: T.I.'s "Whatever You Like," Weezy's "A Milli."
Guilty as charged: ill Mami
Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown: "No Air"
Why I should hate it:
I feel like I'm too old to like this song. I mean, I'm probably older than the combined age of the two artists singing the song. No, seriously.
Why I like it: The lyrics, which were written by former TROOP lead singer Steve Russell. And even though it's totally probable that Jordin and Chris recorded their parts separately and on opposite ends of the earth, I really love the way their voices play off of one another. It's crazy. You should see me bobbing my head on the train. Borderline embarrassing. Sigh.
Dishonorable Mentions: Jamie Foxx's "Just Like Me," the way Solange's backup singers move around during the live version of "I Decided."
Guilty as charged: Harlem

T-Pain (feat. Ludacris): "Chopped & Skrewed"
Why I should hate it:
It's by the Harbinger of Auto-Tune Hypersaturation himself. Everything
about this song should be offensive to me, from the misspelling of
"screwed" to the flagrant use of shawty to the fact that it's
so digitally manipulated that it could never be convincingly performed
live to the simultaneous lyrical vilification (T-Pain) and
infantilization (Luda) of women...I could go on.
Why I like it: Two reasons. The way those introductory chords
tap into my nostalgia for church/gospel music and the way Ludacris'
voice cuts through the entire song like a warm knife through butter.
Dishonorable Mentions: Teyana Taylor "Google Me," Beyoncé "Diva."
Guilty as charged: Ro

Beyoncé: "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
Why I should hate it: It's Queen Beyoncé for God's sake; I'm supposed to hate this just on GP. It sounded like a reject from B'Day.
Why I like it: I'm not quite a Bey stan, but I really do enjoy her music. When she's on, she's on and I thought that "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" was on with its stutterting beat and catchy lyrics. It's the standout cut on I Am...Sasha Fierce and sounded like it would have fit perfectly onto B'Day, which stands as my favorite Beyoncé album. It gave a French-manicured middle finger to feminism for single ladies such as myself who want their man to put a ring on it. And the video? Claude have mercy. Beyoncé was working it like only she can. The ensuing web phenomenon that had every queen with a leotard, webcam and Broadband twerking it, too, was a hilarious bonus.  
Dishonorable Mentions: Ne-Yo's "A Milli" Remix, Rihanna "Rehab."
Guilty as charged: Butta

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15 Responses

  1. Oh man, I love it! Ill Mami, thanks for callin the man out on his baby hairs!!!
    I really tried to hate Singles Ladies, but it eventually grew on me and i am now "that chick" in my living room pulling a muscle trying to do the video! But my guilty pleasure this year HAS to be "A Milli"... Somethin about the way that beat drops makes me wish I had a sub in my car! "Stronger than Nigerian hair".... bwhahahahah!
    Dishonorable mention: Chopped and Skrewed

  2. Lloyd and The Dream TOP my guilty pleasures list! I love both of their CD's in 2008. well I loved Lloyd's Street Love more. In addition to the songs posted my particular favorites were "I Luv Your Girl" and "Year of the Lover". they get repeat play every single time *hangs head* The T Pain joint did it for me too. And with the Jordin and Beyonce I became victim of the radio kill.
    *that's a nice picture of Teddy btw*

  3. Mrs. Officer and Diva (so NOT the definition of female hustler, but I digress) are my two guilty pleasures.

  4. Avatar

    hahaha, this post was funny since they matched some of my own guilty pleasures. LOL at Ro's comment about Chopped & Skrewed, the gospel-esque chords are exactly why I like it too. From The Dream, I really like "I love your girl," because I dig the beat, I detest the rest of his music tho. I've liked all of Lloyd's single releases from the last 2 albums, especially "Girls Around the World," I admit I thought it was JT at 1st and was a tad disappointed that it wasn't lol...However my most guilty pleasure of all is that I actually realllly like tracks 2-5 of Carter III, especially "Comfortable" with Babyface--there I said it.

  5. As much as I hate Autotune, I gotta admit that I like Chopped & Skrewed. I think it's the part where T-Pain goes, "Ooo Ooo'ed", that gets me.

  6. "Girls Around the World" is still crazy. i have no guilt over that. however, everything else mentioned can die.

  7. My guilty pleasure is T-Pains "Can't Believe It", just so me and my bestie can go around randomly shouting out "FUEGO!" at inopportune times, it's the little things.

  8. @ Butta: Neyo's "A Milli" skills were on point, better that some "rappers"...; LOVE "Rehab" !
    @miss concrete jungle: "Comfortable" is a great song =)
    My list:
    'Mrs. Officer', 'Touch My Body', 'Falsetto', 'Single Ladies', 'One More Drink', 'Love in This Club' ,'Sensual Seduction' (i don't feel too guilty about this one...), 'Womanizer' (yes. Britney Spears)

  9. OMG..Thank you for calling out "the Hypersaturation" of T-Pain and the abundance of front teeth and baby hair that is Lloyd..That being said, I am a closeted lover of Officer... Wee-ya weeya wee!. and Amilii.... Why do I know the lyrics of Womanizer and The Pussycat Dolls' songs? They are both equally awful.. I don't even know why I am admitting it on this post..That's why we love to help us avoid the awfulness that is radio.

  10. My guilty pleasures for 2008: Mrs. Officer, Rehab, Can't Believe It (And all of its 10,000 remixes), Jamie Foxx's Digital Girl, Senusal Seduction and No Air.

  11. Haha ... loving the post.
    I can honestly say that none of the above made their way onto my iPod, however that is not to say some other dubious music didn't. Here in the UK we have a girl group called 'Girls Aloud' (think a slightly more talented, less 'RnB', more pop, PCD). I can't even explain why i like it but i do lol!

  12. GREAT post! Love it. I am not kidding when I tell you that it is impossible to listen to Los Angeles radio withouit hearing T-Pain within 15 minutes. I have tested this theaory everyday for since August of 08. If you switch stations, you might even catch him twice. LOL Guilty pleasures for real!

  13. Great post.
    I have to admit, but don't tell NOBODY, that my guilty pleasure was Lil Wayne's A Milli. That beat was SICK. I don't know what the hell he was saying though. And for that one song, I didn't care.

  14. LOL! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE was my guilty pleasure this year. It's funny because I was riding in the car and "Chopped and Screwed" came on and I thought to myself, "why do i like this freaking song???!!"
    Good stuff.
    OH yeah! "Diva" By Beyonce. I don't know WHAT THE HECK she is talking about. But I love it.

  15. My daughter loves to dance to the tune of Beyonce's Single ladies that whenever she hears it she'd dance until the music is gone.