Raphael Saadiq Runs a ‘100 Yard Dash’

The video for Raphael Saadiq's "100 Yard Dash" has premiered, and it falls right in line with the vintage vibe of The Way I See It. In the black and white clip punctuated with splases of color, Saadiq chases after the beautiful, big-haired female lead while his band performs. Basic concept, but great execution. The video is a nod to the past but still modern, much like the album. If you don't have it, then do yourself a favor and go get it. For an extra bonus, check out video that I shot of Raphael performing this song live at his September '08 tour stop in DC after the bounce.


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  1. Love it! The video is very cool!

  2. Love the video and the album!

  3. I was wondering when he was gonna do another video...luv his cd!

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    I was amazed at how "retro" it sounded, and the mixing and mastering the actual "sound" of the music is an amazing feat for 2008. But for some reason only a few songs maybe 4, really stuck with me . I may be in the minority, but I REALLY enjoyed his earlier work with Toni Toni Toni. .. "It never rains", "Feels Good", "What ever you want" , "I care" from The Revival and.. "Lay your head on my pillow", My Ex-Girl friend, and Anniversary" from Sons of soul.. Even "Me and you" from the Boyz in the hood soundtrack"..Even his earlier solo work "Still Ray" and "Get involved". Most of these songs were vastly superior to the majority of this new album.

  5. I originally got a kick out of the retro feel of this album, but now I feel like it was actually sort of lazy. I can put on the "originals" if I want this type of sound and its 10x what he put together here. Sure its pleasant enough, but its been done and done better. Saadiq did "retro" with an updated feel with TTT on House of Music. I still spin that regularly. It wore its inspirations on it s sleeve, but it wasn't the entire shirt, if that makes any sense...

  6. Loved this video. This has to be his best one yet.

  7. Nice vid.
    I counted the days till that album came out and I've played it twice. Thinking about it now I'm not even tempted to cross the room and put it on just for the fun of it, but it reminds me how underrated I Want You actually is.
    When we look back on his career (because he should have a long one, he really is that talented), I think it'll be seen as a bit of pop fluff, which is fine, I just expected the ambition level to be higher.
    "Basic concept but great execution" about sums it up.
    Heresy, I know.

  8. These bruthaz and sistahz spoke my mind about the new album. I was looking for House of Music, the best TTT album, hands down. What I got was, as I've termed it at SoulTracks, a beautiful, well preserved " museum artifact." Nice to look at and "Big Easy" works it out for me, but overall, a great, big McYawn.

  9. Well i have to agree with what everyone has been saying here. I love Raphael Saadiq, but I just havent had the desire to play this album much. It was a great nod to that era in music, but I miss TTT and even Instant Vintage (my fav) Raph. Even at his concert at Black Cat in DC, the best parts were when he did his older stuff. Hopefully his future projects will take us back to 2009... of course, without auto-tune!

  10. OMG i was there!!!!! he is such a true musician and the woman back-up singer was awesome!


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