SoulBouncers: Win ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ On DVD!

secret_life_of_bees.jpgAfter a successful theatrical run last year, The Secret Life of Bees is coming to DVD on February 3rd and SoulBounce is giving away three copies to our lucky readers. Why is a music blog giving away a non-music-related feature film DVD you may ask? Well, one look at the cast from The Secret Life of Bees and you can easily figure it out. Starring Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, otherwise known as three of the brightest and most talented artists-turned-actresses of our day (sorry, Beyoncé), alongside Dakota Fanning and Sophie Okonedo, this movie was both riveting and heartwarming and featured solid performances from all. And whether you've already seen the film or have yet to, all SoulBouncers will have a chance to win the DVD. Enter after the bounce!     

If you are unable to view the giveaway widget above, then click this link to enter for your chance to win.

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11 Responses

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    I took my Grandmother to see this, and it wasn't half bad..

  2. I want to win this!!! 🙂 LOL

  3. Just post a comment to enter? Cool.
    Haven't seen the movie... but it looks pretty good. Sophie Okonedo is so underrated.

  4. @rkj and anyone else who can't view the giveaway widget embedded in the blog, follow this link to enter:
    Win The Secret Life of Bees on DVD from SoulBounce

  5. Don't ya'll mean you're giving away The Secret Life Of Dakota Fanning? This flick was all about the white girl, with all those amazing black performers relegated to supporting status. That we (Black people) produced, directed and scripted the flick in this old Hollywood way, one that could have played really well to the Imitation of Life crowd in the 50s for subjugating the Black story, says plenty about the cynicism of Will's production staff and the narrowing of Gina Blythewood's vision since the heydays of Love and Basketball.

  6. @cornfed...Well, the book was about Dakota Fanning's character, not the three sisters nor the other Black characters, so in that regard the movie was true to form.

  7. Loved the movie, but the book was even better.
    cornfed, I suggest you read the book. The story was SUPPOSED to be about a little white girl who runs away to find out about her dead mother, but instead falls in love with a family of Black women who help her come into her own.

  8. Yet to see the movie or read the book but i've heard good things so definitely entering! Queen Latifah (Set It Off!!!) and Sophie Okonedo are two fantastic actresses.

  9. I guess cornfed didnt READ the book.

  10. I havent seen this movie, I saw the trailer and it basically went something like this.....a group of sista's are living a good decent life...a little white girls moves in and everything goes to hell:-) i'm a pass on this flick but I gotta give my brother Mutada Al some love for taking his grandmother to the movies.

  11. Cornfed didn't read the book. Kudos to the book for doing it old Hollywood style. Now question is, since the book's audience couldn't make the film a hit, why not have the Black producers of this film find a property that can showcase all these amazing talents AND have it be about them (Queen, Sophie, Alicia, and Tristan-all amazing performers) too. How's that for real black empowerment in Hollywood?