‘Viva La Vida,’ Solange!

Say what you will about the woman, Solange has been doing her thing since the release of her sophomore album last summer. Among the more surprisingly interesting and entertaining of her appearances is this new cover she did of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" for the Yahoo Cover Art series. Although the argument could be made that this probably one of those instances where one should leave well enough alone, this video is a prime example of the abundant fieriness and defiance that make Solange so compelling in spite of her shortcomings. Who else would try to cover this song, especially since it is still so fresh and popular? I say, do your thing Solange. [H/T:CL]

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12 Responses

  1. I'll take your word for it; I can't stand her voice for the most part, though I know her album is good. 🙂 Kudos to her for being bold though and 'trying'.
    Hey those backup singers look like Beyonce's backup dancers. Hey Solange is affiliated with Pepsi just like Beyonce is affiliated with Pepsi. Hey Solange now has ties to Coldplay just as her sister has ties to Coldplay (i.e. bein' friendz). Hey for someone who didn't want to ride her sister's coattails..........................I'll let you finish the rest. And isn't Solange going on tour with said coattail-having sister?

  2. I couldn't listen to all of it. Sounds like Coldplay night on American Idol.
    And I really enjoy her CD.

  3. LOL @ rkj. So much truth. But that doesn't negate the woman's moxie and nerve. She's totally growing on me.

  4. Bad choice, but I'm not surprised. I can't even listen to this in its entirety.

  5. Not her best, I'll admit, but now I know the girls behind her are actually singing and not just being dancing eye candy.

  6. Wow another reason to hate this broad. Chris Martin should pimp sslap her.

  7. Okay, why is she dancing like shes bored or like a zombie. Whooo, not a good look.
    And you can't sing a Coldplay song like that. In order to do it justice, in this case, you have to reinvent it, rethink the entire delivery, don't just memorize it and sing it.
    I adore Coldplay, and the Viva La Vida album is on the top for me. She was dead wrong for this.

  8. Alright... u right it's not good. She says she loves the energy but the way she sings is too soulful to give the energy which makes this song such a beautiful song.

  9. Abundant fieriness and defiance ? This is a song about a king looking at his past, not of one going out to battle, wath does abundant fieriness and defiance have to do with that?
    WTF, she doesn't even understand the song and says she likes the lyrics?
    Also, try to remember the lyrics of the song you like "so much", pillars of salt and pillars of sand!

  10. Wow..she did good so shut up