You Wish You Had A Love Like Our President and First Lady

Even with the daunting task of nine more official balls to attend, and after the historic events of earlier in the day President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's love is strong. It's real. It's beautiful. Their first dance was nothing short of touching and mascara smearing. Set to Beyoncé covering Etta James' "At Last," the First Couple didn't so much dance as they did make most people's heads spin and hearts swoon with all that love they so obviously share for one another. And say what you will about Beyoncé, she nailed it. Methinks there was no Sasha Fierce in that performance, just a lady from Houston caught up in the moment. And what a moment! What a day. What a dance. What a couple.

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10 Responses

  1. They are a beautiful couple.
    The thing about their love is that it's not unattainable for any couple. I really believe the President and First Lady are to be an example to couples, especially black couples that you can have a happy, healthy, loving relationship with your spouse.
    But I can guarantee you that President Obama and the First Lady worked hard on their relationship and plenty of sacrifices were made to get to where they are now as a couple.
    I think that's one of the missing ingredients in our relationships...we aren't willing to do the work and pay the price. Or one person does all the work and the other wants to glide by. No, it takes two to make it work.
    What Barack and Michelle have doesn't come for free.

  2. Was Etta James not available to sing her own signature song? Anyway, I love seeing Barack and Michelle together. They always give each other the eye like, "I want you right here......right now!

  3. For me my favorite part of all this history making stuff is watching these two beautiful brown folk love each other in front of a world that for so long didn't believe that "our" love was real or relevant. It is and it makes me believe in the possibility of finding that one....makes me smile deep...really!
    Most of all I cherish the way Barack looks at, listens to, smiles with and touches our sistah....I hope it inspires more brothers to step up and grab love and admiration and respect by the hand...beautiful example!

  4. Michelle Obama is the modern day definition of a black woman. Intelligent, classy, educated, sexy. Did I mention sexy? 🙂 I hope all these magazine chicks and video chicks are taking notice, showing your ass in a magazine does not make you a strong woman. 2009 is about more then a big ole ass and tight jeans because of Michelle, sista are gonna have to step up their game, at least real sista's will. Barack & Michelle, black people in love! it's such a beautiful thing.....

  5. In the words of Nikki Giovanni, "BLACK LOVE IS BLACK WEALTH.

  6. I sincerely love these two together; they are inspiring even beyond their work in the community, the government, etc. They are the complete package and I can only hope to have that kind of love, that kind of life someday 🙂

  7. You can see the human in Beyonce in this performance; she was definitely humbled by our 44th and the only DIVA!

  8. Oh, we wept like babies at this one and there's this moment toward the end when B seems to suddenly realise where she is and who she's singing to and that they are something so precious and she melts and realises the singing will have to say it... {sobs like a maternity ward again}

  9. LOVED this. TRULY. It was nice to see B and her usual scene-stealing singing take a back seat to this moment. I boohoo'd right along with everybody else and in a moment of pride thought, "See white folks? We still do it better." It's about time we see a real black couple in the spotlight like this. I hope they realize that far beyond the politics, their family is so inspiring for all of us.

  10. I have always been proud to be an american. my dad, god rest his soul, had "american democrat" printed on his business cards. but it was a tumultuous love. I'd hear all these "I love america" and "america the beautiful" type songs and wouldn't be sure if they were even about me and those that look like me. "american woman", "american as apple pie" always felt like these phrases, these terms, were about the blonde haired blue eyed set. my love felt unrequited and that caused a constant, underlying ache.
    president & first lady obama have changed me forever. I've never ever felt such a real and integral part of this country. I am immensely proud. just like beyonce' said, our president and our first lady inspire me to be a better person.
    I'm the most proud, though, that my daughter is growing up is this world. she'll never know a world that me, or moreso my parents and grandparents knew, where the thought of a black man being elected president was relegated to fantasy. she'll grow up with this brown skinned, strong, intelligent, and loving family representing america. it will make her life in so many ways better than mine. and as a parent that is of utmost importance to me.