Behind The Scenes With Melanie Fiona

A few weeks ago Motown Records held a showcase for Melanie Fiona in NYC that our man about town Harlem had a chance to attend, and he came back with rave reviews about the Canadian sensation. And now the rest of us get to see a portion of what he witnessed with this video that was shot of Melanie that night and prior to the showcase with her rehearsing with her smoking hot, 12-piece band. Even ?uestlove gets in on the action to cosign what many of us already know...that Melanie Fiona got next. [H/T: OKP]

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  1. wow, i'm feeling her even more now. what a dynamic performer! i think Questo hit it on the head with his description of her art. i am buying her album whenever it comes out, and a ticket whenever she comes through. dope!


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