Calling All Music Fans: Be a Part of Eric Roberson’s New Album

We are counting the days until we
get our hands on Eric Roberson's new album here at SoulBounce. Since we last checked in with Erro, he has decided to release his next collection in June, and we're 99% sure that he's decided to name the album Music Fan. It hasn't exactly been confirmed yet, but after watching this new video of Erro in the studio you'll probably be able to put two and two together, too. This "bonus footage" is of Eric in the recording booth with frequent writing partner Jermaine Mobley in the back, and he's asking his fans to send in photos of themselves to include in the new album art. But not just any old photos, he wants flicks of folks rocking their headphones (earbuds might count), and they're being accepted right now at Get those photos in! I'll be sending mine in this weekend...after I get my hair done. But you probably knew that already.    

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2 Responses

  1. Darnit, where's my digital camera?!!?
    I'll be seeing Erro this coming Friday. Can't wait!

  2. Oh wow! thats crazy! I sent my photo with me wearing my sony's even before knowing what type of photo he wanted on his cd! Im in the b/w pic with my head leaning back against a window thinking about what im gonna write, I put a caption on it saying "Azreal and his love of music" I think lol!


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