Can We Blame The Video On Alcohol Too, Jamie?

Is there anyone more jaw-droppingly fly that could make an appearance in a music video than Little Opie Cunningham himself, Ron Howard? Who but him could bring a level of status so high that Forrest Whitaker, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Quincy Jones (among others) were willing to overlook the presence of T-Pain to show out in Jamie Foxx's video for "Blame It (On The Alcohol)?" Um. If you overlook the tired baseline concept and generic offensiveness that is typical for any mainstream R&B music video, this is so, so funny. Ron Howard? Wait, does Ron Howard have swagger? If so, is it finally dead? He gets out of the car in the beginning like he originated the game. Sorta. Hype Williams directs what is surely the glossiest of all unintentionally hilarious music videos ever created.

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  1. love love love this video....
    he always thinks of something different

  2. Jamie seems to have a love affair with stunt casting. after seeing this, and the past video with Taraji P. Henson, i'm wondering who Jamie's gonna pull out for his next video. Sidney Poitier? Bill Cosby? maybe they on that "Uptown Saturday Night" steez . . .
    you know, with all these famous faces, this is like the 2009 version of Biggie's clip for "One More Chance." surprisingly, i didn't hate this. if you're going to make a tired "in the club" video, you may as well have some real V.I.P.'s. in it. i dunno.

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    Have to check this out, looks like Mr. Fox has another hit on his hands. I really like the track, liked it the first time I heard it. This song is a strait jack of Dream's style, (but he jacks R-Kelly daily so its a fair trade).

  4. (correction)
    * they COULD BE on that . . .

  5. For some reason, Jake Gyllenhal is cute to me.
    Everytime I see Ron Howard's face...I laugh.

  6. Ok, this is one of those "let's see how many celebs we can pack in a video" video.

  7. Hate on me if y'all want, but this makes me want to shake it at the club. And, yes, Jake Gyllenhall is a cutie.
    LMAO @ Sam Jackson sitting in the back smoking his stogie.

  8. I liked how Jamie was grabing the money and putting it in his pocket

  9. I think this song is a club banger, and the video doesn't suck.

  10. This video is hysterical! I love it. The combination and proximity of H'Wood and the usual Ghetto Fab Glitterati is fascinating.

  11. SDG hit it right on the head. Hollywood swag + Ghetto fab = this video. You can't be mad at it.

  12. i too laughed and laughed everytime i saw ron howard. excellent. and totally agree on the hollywood swag + ghetto fab, but i'ma go ahead and say that morris chestnut walks the thin line b/w those two worlds . . . maybe leaning towards the latter.

  13. having watched this video again, i like it even more. i wish i could love the song more, though. even with the AutoTune, you can't front on the catchiness of the chorus. i don't feel the verses as much, or T-Pain's presence.

  14. alright... i'd probably not tell anyone else this, but i friggin LOVE this song. i'm serious. it's auto-tuned to the gods; it's a straight jack of the-dream; it's got t-pain, but it's so friggin hot. and catchy. and the viedo is just SICK... as far as generic, celebrity packed vids go (at least his celebs were a-listers). kudos jamie!!

  15. I'm glad Jamie's using more of his comedy this go 'round. From the vid with Taraji P. Henson & now this, Cute/Funny vid + Catchy song = Certified Hit.

  16. First time I watched this video I was like.. "Wait Jamie got WHO to cameo in this?!?!?!?" Then I was like, did Ron Howard just tip his glass to the room?!?!!?!? I like the song and the video is straight comedy in a totally enjoyable way. Very unexpected and refreshing.