DJ Deckstream’s Soundtracks Leave Us Wanting More

DJ_Deckstream-Soundtracks2.jpgI'll be honest. I had no idea who DJ Deckstream was until I stumbled upon track after track from his recently released Soundtracks 2 album. The part that is a bit discouraging about his emergence into my consciousness is the stones that I will have to overturn to find a copy of this album in the US. The best part about getting to be more acquainted with this Japanese beatmaker is evidenced, not only by the artists he chose to collaborate with, but with the skill by which he crafts his beats. Mos Def's "Life Is Good" and T-Boz's "Someday" take into account the respective way that each tends to grace a record and the aural love continues to flow from there. Did I mention that Talib Kweli, Nice & Smooth, Lupe Fiasco collaborator Nikki Jean, and many more are on the album as well? Do yourself a favor and hunt this down to add to your collection. You will not be sorry.       

DJ Deckstream feat. Mos Def: "Life Is Good"
DJ Deckstream feat. T-Boz: "Someday" (Snippet)

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5 Responses

  1. i've known about Deckstream for about a year and a half, through his collaboration with japanese crew M-Flo. i've listened to his first Soundtracks album, and only found out about Soundtracks 2 today through Kanye's blog posting of the Mos Def track.
    Soundtracks 2 is much more upbeat than Soundtracks 1; the first was a lot slower in tempo, though with the standout Talib Kweli and Lupe tracks.

  2. Being overseas has it's perks:-) I went to my local record shop and scooped this up, I would go as far as to say this is as good as any album Nicolay (who I dig a whole lot) has put out. This is one of them slept on joints that will never see the light of main stream radio

  3. I was only listening to TLC's 'Red Light Special' the other day wondering where TBoz was!
    I'll be sure to check this out in full asap!


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