Eartha Kitt, Who Actually Starred in Films, Not Remembered at Oscars

Thumbnail image for eartha_kitt.jpgI didn't watch the telecast of the Academy Awards and rarely ever do. I'm just not that big on celebrity worship and honoring a bunch of boring movies I never wanted to see in the first place, but that's just me. If I had, I probably would've noticed that Eartha Kitt, who passed away last year on Christmas Day, was not included in the ceremony's "In Memorium" segment. That would be the portion of the program where the producers put together a montage of all the film stars we lost the previous year. Granted, Kitt will probably be most remembered for her role as the third "Catwoman" on the Batman TV series and for her stage performances, but she also starred in roughly 35 feature films, which has to count for something. My favorite Kitt role? "Yzma" in The Emporer's New Groove, which is a movie. Kitt's former publicist is understandably pissed, as are lots and lots of Black people. [LAT]


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  1. are you sure? i could have sworn i saw her photo there.

  2. @douglaspaul: Positive. I watched the Oscars Sunday night and many of us were up in arms on Twitter when we recognized the oversight.

  3. I thought she was remembered. Or was that the Grammys....

  4. You're reading my mind with this post.
    @Reflector and Douglaspaul - She was definitely left out. Like Butta, I was one of many up in arms about it on Twitter and her former publicist was in the paper the next day complaining about it.
    I guarantee you whoever did the memorial montage is completely ignorant of black film (even though Oscar folks should be experts) and probably thought Eartha Kitt only did Catwoman.

  5. I think she was in the 'dead and gone' montage that Dana Owens serenaded. Just briefly though.

  6. WHAT?! Wow. Maybe this is the reason these ceremony shows don't do it for me. Those who do the work aren't even remembered. How unfortunate.-QH

  7. This isn't a surprise. They conveniently forgot to include Whoopi Goldberg last year in a montage that celebrated past Oscar hosts & winners--even though Whoopi's hosted the Oscars like four times in addition to winning one! So, they tried to make up for it this year by having her as a best supporting actress representative. ::insert side-eye::
    Lawd, but let it have been Paul Newman, Charlton Heston, or Katherine Hepburn (the year she died) that would've been "forgotten." Armageddon. Hollywood style!

  8. ... some ignorant idiot screwed up.
    Was Isaac Hayes in there (for both his film score work and his acting)?
    Can't remember.

  9. Yeah, they included Isaac, Nonplussed.

  10. Thanks Fire...
    The two teenagers with a laptop who compile these things need to do better. It's just good manners.

  11. I saw her picture....maybe Im getting award show crazy though


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