Etta James Got Jokes

etta_james_screaming.jpgAnd now we come crashing back to reality. For anyone that had visions of 71-year-old "Miss Peaches" whaling on Sasha Fierce, put it out of your mind. It was all a joke! Now where will we direct our self-righteous indignation?

"I'm a comedian besides a singer," James said in a telephone interview from her home on Thursday morning. "I wasn't doing it to be hateful." James said her comments were meant to be taken as, "She's up here singing my song, now what am I gonna do?" Beyoncé's representatives had no comment on James' remarks. "I think I'm funny and she's not the only one I'll say something about," she said.

A self-admitted critic, the 71-year-old said in a December interview that she liked the film "Cadillac Records" and Beyoncé did a good job portraying her. However, James takes a lot of pride her signature song, and would have liked to have an opportunity to sing the song at the inaugural ball, where Beyoncé performed.

Thanks for clearing that up, Etta. No word yet on if all the nasty things Aretha said about Beyoncé last year were also "jokes."
James on Beyonce: Just a joke [PE via CL]

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  1. My mama always told me not to say something if I don't mean it. I think Etta meant that, and not as a joke. It would look better if she just stuck to her story and not tried to recant it.

  2. If anything, this Etta James nontroversy has taken our minds off that whole Christian Bale mess, LMAO!!!

  3. @nOva
    LMAO...yeah, as well as that Faye Dunaway/Hilary Duff spat and Michael Phelps's pot's been a crazy week
    Eh...Etta meant it

  4. @AD: I forgot ALL ABOUT that Hillary Duff mess! So funny!

  5. Hilary Duff/Faye Dunaway? what's up with all these seniors vs. freshman beefs?

  6. You picked a GREAT picture, nOva. LOL

  7. Play Mama doN' lost her mind. SHE MEANT EVERY WORD!
    WHAT is this I hear about duff and Dunnaway?

  8. I heard the audio and it just sounds like banter to me, even the audience was laughing with her. Either way, she's in her 70s. Just smile, nod and keep it moving.

  9. This is why I am pushing legislation to put people over 70 into mandatory state run retirement/senoir citizen centers:-) Madear must have forgot to take her medicine again:-)

  10. This is nothing new.
    The same is going on in hip hop with "Senior Citizens" berating these youngsters in the game. Dang... I think I just called myself a "senior citizen". (pause)

  11. Ok, so I did actually hear it...and uh, yeah, it sounds like Grandma James swallowed the bitter pill instead of the happy one that day. Someone may need to help regulate her meds. But, she has been outspoken and loud pretty much all of her life, so really, this ain't nothing new.....
    what's up with dunaway/duff?

  12. Etta, looks like the coawardly lion from The Wizard of Oz in that picture.... "Couraaaaaaaaage" Etta better watch it if Beyonce is too nice to say anything i'm sure either Tina (Turner or Knowles) will lay the smack down on her!

  13. Oh? You don't say Etta? Have another drink, yeah, let's make it a large one in fact, let's leave the bottle open on the bar...
    We think you're funny too. Now, what was that you were sayin'?

  14. Etta James should draw this out as long as possible, it might help her sell a few more records