For The Lovers: A Late Night With Janet Jackson

Because Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we already know how you feel about Janet, it was our duty to put together the ultimate Janet-themed babymaking blend. This was a no-brainer; even the folks that aren't devout Janet fans can appreciate what she brings to the table when it comes to her down-tempo tracks, particularly the ones that make you wanna call up your boo and make it happen. So consider this mix a gift to you--the fans, the lovers, the casual  SoulBounce Reader. Enjoy. Full tracklist after the bounce.

A Late Night With Janet Jackson [download/subscribe]

  • "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)"
  • "Someday Is Tonight"
  • "China Love"
  • "Moist"
  • "The Body That Loves You"
  • "Would You Mind"
  • "When We Oooo"
  • "Rope Burn"
  • "70's Love Groove"
  • "Take Care"
  • "Warmth"
  • "I Get Lonely"
  • "Love Scene (Ooh Baby)"
  • "Love 2 Love"
  • "Any Time, Any Place"
  • "Anything"
  • "Twenty Foreplay"

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23 Responses

  1. NOVA- I love your compilation artist lists. I was about to say, "where's 24 Play?" but I see it ends out the set....Thanks!!!

  2. This isn't grown &'s just straight sexy. Kudos on a masterful Janet playlist.

  3. No "Take Care" or "Discipline" ? Still a good mix though.-QH

  4. I am an idiot, lol, there is TC right there. 😉

  5. Y'all giving a sista an excuse to get on baaad.
    Can't wait to press play. 😀

  6. nOva. You don't even understand what you have just done. You do not. Thank you.

  7. I think my stanning for Janet has been explained enough on here to know how much i love you for this. even though i have all of these songs in a similar playlist of my own with other tracks by other artists i thank you regardless for just a janet baby making mix as i was thinking of creating one of my own with every baby making joint she has ever done. which i still might do. but again thank you.

  8. Loving this, thanks to Red_Dancer on JX, made my night this =)

  9. *going to make some babies*

  10. Great List, cant wait to test it out!!
    Is there a way when you click download that it's supposed to download to your desktop or itunes??

  11. Right-click the "download" link to save to your system. Use the "subscribe" link to launch itunes to download and subscribe to succeeding podcasts.

  12. Aww shit, you know this is hot! Looking forward to a part 2, maybe (please please please)? She got so many of these joints you could never fit them all on one cd.

  13. craig you are so welcome. and nova your mixes are hot.still bumping blended and beat vol 1. that one is my favorite with the whole starting with nuyorican soul and then the portugese love and then ending with love and happiness. i love that mix to death. can't wait for the next one.

  14. ohhhhhh schnaps!!!! this is the mix i've been talkin bout and now its made!!!! folks all over will be making lots of SEXY TIME to this one. THANK YOU nOva for the hott mixxx...J always has them "lets ufck" tracks to get ya going, oowwwww!!!!!! downloading & subscribing NOW!!!

  15. Lovin this. I created my own mix years ago and have continually added to it with each release of hers. No one can make a sexy song like Janet (except Prince, but she's my fav). I Get Lonely is more of a love song tho. What happened to Discipline and Curtains?!?!

  16. Nice track selection...
    U know, I heard if you put your headphones on, turn the lights low and close your eyes really, really tight, when Janet starts to moan on a track it's like she's sitting right next to you. That's what I heard anyway...

  17. fyi: nova refused to be discipline on this joint! he's a hatuh

  18. This is AMAZING!!! THANKS

  19. Ooh, I almost missed this. Downloading now! Thanks.

  20. OMG! These are great Tracks! I have so much Janet compilation. This will make a nice collection. I will burn this and create a very nice cd cover..... I Love It!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  21. I am the ultimate Janet Fan! Thanks for posting! I have all these songs already but I will download for the blend! Thanks again.