For the Stans: A Dedication to The First Lady

It is no secret the we absolutely adore Faith Evans and long for her return. The release of her memoir and a film depicting the life of late husband Christopher Wallace a/k/a Biggie Smalls has kept her name on our lips in recent months, but not a day has gone by that she hasn't been in the iPod's rotation. This mix features a selection of her hits plus a few remixes and rarities with some very special guests. Download it and get all your friends to download it too. Maybe if enough of us play it at once, the universe will expedite the execution of a new release.

For the Stans: A Dedication to The First Lady [Download/Subscribe]

  1. Ain't Nobody (Remix feat. Queen Latifah)
  2. My Everything (with Barry White)
  3. Keep The Faith
  4. Again
  5. You Used To Love Me (Ummah Remix)
  6. I Love You
  7. I Just Can't
  8. Can't Believe (with Carl Thomas & Shyne)
  9. Stressed Out (with A Tribe Called Quest & Raphael Saadiq)
  10. Mesmerized
  11. You Gets No Love
  12. Brown Sugar (with Mos Def)
  13. Burning Up (Just Blaze Remix feat. Diddy & Freeway)
  14. All Night Long (feat. Diddy)
  15. Love Like This (Remix feat. Black Rob)
  16. Good Life
  17. Do My Thang
  18. I Don't Need It

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24 Responses

  1. "My Everything?" nice.
    Money Talks soundtrack, for the win.

  2. You guys are so thoughtful for the Faith Evans stan in me 🙂

  3. Avatar

    I miss Faith's voice... I still can listen and love an entire back in the day Faith cd with no problem... she just had it and I hope to hear her sooner then later.

  4. nova...if u had a ring id kiss it

  5. Ilove Faith, own every album and will def bump this mix today! Thanks!

  6. Avatar

    Title of the thread sounds a little "Bossip-ish".
    Faith is the truth, although none of her later work ever lived up to her first album, which in my book is a classic

  7. I love Faith.... Thank you for posting this... She need's to drop a new album soon. that voice is sweet as honey...

  8. this is exactly why i love soulbounce!

  9. Yes! I am currently reading the memoir so she has def been on my mind!!!! I've been listening to her first CD all week. this is soooo on time!

  10. Awesome! Thanks. She really does need to come back out!

  11. Nova Crochety Slim, with this ring, I thee wed.

  12. Thank you for this! It's been too long since I've heard that voice.

  13. The Lord always sends what you need RIGHT when you need it. And this right here? I need it RIGHT NOW! This just brought the HUGEST SMILE to my face and I ain't even start listenin' yet.
    THANK YOU NOVAAAAAAAAAAA and Soulbounce!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Definitely brightened up an awful week! Thanks.

  15. Let's stop saying "Stans." It's dorky.

  16. Who died and made these people the deciderers of what's in and what's out? Who are these people anyway?
    I will ALWAYS be the Head Negress in Charge of the Bilal STAN STAN STAN Association. And that's that.
    And now, I'm about to close my office door and BUMP this hotness.

  17. Once again Soulbounce has done it for me again. Amerie's Birthday Smash up was def beautiful. But now you guys done gone and put together a masterpiece!!! Faith is so damn missed, those Anjelic pipes and all these great songs put together let's us know that music was once real, not the stuff we have to deal with now. Honorable mention to Tru Love from Faith's Album First Lady, real music.

  18. Good stuff. Thanks. 🙂

  19. Perfect office groove.

  20. Best Faith mix ever.
    Thank you. And, yes, I'm a STAN 🙂

  21. all them remixes, i had not heard, and i call myself a fan, thanks for the mix, you've outdone yourselves
    Forch Fabalon, beeming to you live from H-Town, Texas
    Keep doing ya da8n thang

  22. MAn I like that remix to you used to love me....I never heard it ....makes me feel like I found a new faith track!

  23. Can this be re-upped? Would have liked to hear it.